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Help friends to find boyfriends

Famous flowers have the Lord plus QQ please indicate Yuyao friends finally meet the age to help a rong aunt under passing God, this society, children are on, it seems that we are really old a Rong very good brother help post 90 after… More and more young grass appeared in the forum… Manual topping… For my dear LZ sister to add in view of the picture has the truth interested people can add her photos in the QQ album what do I do alas, third degree disability, move over to the side you don't have it? Where did the 90's come to live in the east of the city? Ask so clear add QQ chat to dizzy. boring
Simen single group: one thirty-three thirty-eight twenty-three is a, leave a footprint you are also Simen ah half four gatekeeper can send a couple is Simen Yuyao Ning statistics under the number of Simen I first report a number of what is half Simen praise a few, good performance can only count as half a well four doors posted next door Simen ning… Float over… Simen people are still more a report, I Simen! Si gate people four gate 03 ah ah a more than floor master set up a Si gate group everyone in Si gate good business ~~ I am not in Si gate make a face of Si group is better handsome boy I handsome thank you for playing soy sauce don't think I handsome also NC that number was not put out? Am I right? Now I don't have either. I'm not NC, I'm brain-dead. I'm not the same person as him. NC is also contagious ????? I don't want to follow it seems that the month month is also a brain mutilation ah or handsome head, the identification is completed
Who said that about me? Who said that about me? Who said that about me? Who said that about me? Who said that about me? Who said that about me? Who said that about me? Who said that about me? Come out, Tianya is angry. Where's the old post? It's him, it's her, it's it… April post did not see ah what is vest ???????????

[Metro News] "Comrade policeman, my 3-year-old daughter is missing…"

Lingshan Public Security has always adhered to the people-centered, based on the responsibilities and missions of public security organs, guided by the people's livelihood, worked hard to solve the problem of "urgent difficulties and worries" of the masses, and constantly improved the sense of security and satisfaction of the masses. On September 24, 2023, a 3-year-old girl was lost due to fun, but fortunately, with the help of Lingshan public security police, the little girl was finally reunited with her family. "Comrade policeman, my 3-year-old daughter is lost…" At 15:00 on September 24, the Lingcheng Police station of the county Public Security Bureau received a police report from Ms. Ning that her 3-year-old daughter Yingying (a pseudonym) was lost in the county underground mall. After receiving the report, police Wang Qiang and colleagues immediately rushed to the scene. After arriving at the scene, Wang Qiang and others obtained the child's photos and clothing characteristics, and then carefully searched in the mall, while calling the mall and the surrounding surveillance video to find. After half an hour of unremitting efforts, the police finally found the lost little girl in a candy store in the underground mall. Then, when Ms. Ning came to see her daughter safe and sound, she was so excited that she burst into tears and kept thanking the police. After understanding, that day, Ms Ning with Yingying to the mall shopping, fun Yingying running around, and finally separated from her mother. Before leaving, the police reminded Ms. Ning in the future must pay attention to take care of the child, to avoid accidents happen again. Source: Lingshan police ┎ 〇 why would she get lost? ┎ 〇 GP or optimistic about their children ┎ 〇 how is it? ┎ 〇 GP with two children, it is estimated that one did not see another ┎ 〇 GP optimistic about children Oh reporter from Nanning rail transit Group learned that in order to meet the needs of public passengers on holidays travel, Nanning Metro will extend the operation and service hours of the entire subway network during the Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day holidays. The specific arrangements are as follows: On September 28 and 29, 2023 (working days before the Mid-Autumn Festival and the day of the Mid-Autumn Festival) and October 1 and 6 (National Day and the last day of the holiday), the operation time of the entire subway network will be extended by 1 hour, and the operation time will be adjusted from 6:30-23:00 to 6:30-24:00. The interval between 23:00 and 24:00 is 10 minutes. Here, it is also reminded that passengers should make route planning before traveling on holidays. Stations near tourist attractions, transportation hubs, and major business areas have large passenger flow. In case of queuing or passenger flow control, please wait patiently and follow the guidance of staff. In order to effectively save the time of queuing for tickets, you can use the prepaid card or mobile APP to pay for the ride. If you need help, you can contact the station staff directly. ┎.through ┐ change what kind of do ┎.through ┐ is look not to understand, a. ┐ ┎ don't know what will happen? A. a. ┐ ┐ depends on ┎ ┎ was delayed for an hour, a. ┐ ┎ unclear from work

[Urban construction] Notice of sudden water outage in Qinzhou City on September 28, 2023

Sudden water outage Notice Dear users: Due to the emergency repair of the water supply pipeline of Jinwan East Street, Jinwan East Street (Anzhou Avenue to Yangfan Avenue), Anzhou Avenue extension line along the units and users are cut off. Water cut-off time: 09:30-17:00, September 28, 2023 (postponed in case of weather). We apologize for the inconvenience. To ensure safety, please turn off taps and water facilities in your home during this period to avoid waste or damage to household property when normal water supply is restored. For enquiries, please call the Water Service Hotline at 3696332. Qinzhou Kaitou Water Co., LTD. September 28, 2023 ┎○ Eruption again; ┎ 〇 Qinzhou's water pipe burst too easily ┎ 〇 there is ┎ 〇 gp. When did I start ┎ 〇 〇 GP reply is a virtue
What jobs or small businesses do you have in Qinzhou city? Please introduce or recommend, I sooner or later to pick up children to school, male 38 years old is not afraid of hardship, I sent a few years of takeout, put a few years of stalls, repaired mobile phones, repaired car tires a year will open the trailer, did the media for three years, did a motorcycle driver two years, into a Fu Kang factory and other factories, before are in Guangzhou Shenzhen, In Qinzhou port icon also now want to find something to do, do so much work is not afraid of you laugh oh, life must continue ah! Back to Qinzhou fourth-line city suddenly a little mystery busy can not find the direction, for your help or guidance, thank you very much ┎○ After the festival to find, you what job introduction is not? ┎.through ┐ unclear oh, a. ┐ ┎ house view is ok, a. ┐ ┎ ┎ business difficult to do now, a. ┐ ┎ ┐ can put stall in the original poster can do what snacks for bring snacks, a. ┐ ┎ ┎ ┐ ok oh, took home the balcony ┎.through ┐ what to sell! ┎ 〇 What business does the main house now e┎ 〇 GP reply is a virtue ┎ 〇 I do not tell you. Businesses that can make money are not willing to share. Afraid of peers stealing business. In addition to work or to explore their own stall to do small business in Qinzhou is the hair salon for a long ┎○ GP cut hair someone to rob business ┎○ GP a little reason brother ┎○ GP open drugstore ah, do not have to look at their own shop also do not use technology, the closure rate is low ┎○ profitable business will tell you? ┎ 〇 GP to work, the grade is almost like you, I also want to find a job ┎ 〇 GP together oh ┎ 〇 GP is also a good person ┎ 〇 GP funds are not big ┎ 〇 GP at home good love and hate to make up the knowledge of primary school, and then secretly help pupils make up lessons. ┎○ GP, ha ha ┎○ GP sold breakfast after the festival to find, you what job introduction? ┎○ There is no!

In Kunshan, a monthly income of 7,000 yuan is considered a high income, isn't it?

I'm 4000 more a month. {▲} Aladdin's salary is not high {▲} have to look at many aspects of commute working hours holiday benefits and so on; Comprehensive actual monthly surplus how much our company has just graduated from this salary {▲} excluding other income (investment, stocks, financial management, rent, etc.), 7K is the salary of most people {▲} Forum average monthly income of more than 20,000, housing basic flat floor start {} more than 4,000 even, because you can feed 2 people {▲} in Guangzhou is, In Guangzhou forum is not {▲} think more, to reach 50,000 is {▲} do not know, anyway, the forum per capita 30,000 +{▲} couple a 7500 two people 15,000 to cut off the mortgage living expenses, and surplus food, than a person with 20000 some better {▲} You this algorithm is in accordance with the annual income of the average monthly income? Guangzhou Statistical Yearbook 2022 shows that the per capita disposable income of urban and rural residents (permanent residents, including the elderly and children) in Guangzhou in 2021 is 67871 (equivalent to 5,656 / month), of which 43,540 (equivalent to 3,628 / month) wage income, 5,445 (equivalent to 3,628 / month) business income, 10,395 property income and 8,491 transfer net income; Urban non-private units (including state-owned, collective, joint stock cooperation, joint venture, limited company, joint stock company, other domestic enterprises, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan investment, foreign investment enterprises, The average salary of employees is 104,762 (equivalent to 8730/ month), the median is 91,979 (equivalent to 7665/ month), and the average salary in 2022 is 5500/ month, 7000/ month, which is the high salary data, and what is the caliber? Most of the workers in Guangzhou are factory production line operators, five days eight hours do not work overtime is 2280 base salary, overtime is actually two jobs, outside the system of workers five days eight hours can take 5000 even if mixed well, except the system of whips as for the annual salary of millions, Guangzhou listed companies have dozens of, F10 inside to see the annual salary of the board of directors of the board of supervisors, few more than one million, is the forum braggart are listed companies chairman and president? {▲} is nothing to find trouble Lord {▲} can be on the middle but in fact this income of life is the bottom of society unless you have other sources {▲} continue to fuel, life is not easy. {▲} is talking about the basic salary! It may be that the per capita disposable income of Suzhou and Guangzhou newspaper is almost Shanghai, the actual income of Shanghai is 1.5 to 2 times that of Suzhou and Guangzhou, look at the pension, the same years of service in Suzhou pension is only half of Shanghai, if Suzhou Guangzhou income is really similar to Shanghai, there will not be so many people every day across the province to Shanghai to work, In addition, per capita income tax, Shanghai per capita income tax of about 9000, Suzhou Guangzhou per capita income tax of less than 3000, see per capita deposit, Shanghai per capita deposit is twice that of Suzhou Guangzhou, Suzhou Guangzhou is too big, but the economy is very hollow, there is no local industry, all rely on foreign investment, and now foreign investment has gone to school in the first village a younger brother's daughter-in-law, Guangzhou threw ID card that company, online live to lure high-salary recruitment, said 27-28 yuan per hour, after I confirmed that there is such a company, a person excitedly took the train to come, and finally: the first month is like this, after a month basically according to the minimum wage, the factory lived a night, my home lived a night, on the way home. That's five or six grand a month. {▲} hourly wage 2500 did not dare to say so {▲} a month 20000, anyway, the pocket always no money, expenditure is too big don't be **, continue to reoil {▲}7000 hand can, in Guangzhou {▲} a lot of monthly salary of more than 2000, annual income 10+, this data can not see {▲} you can get on the road interview to see… {▲} How to look at it, if there is a house and a car without loans, then this salary is still comfortable {▲} Annual salary is not a million, I am sorry to post in the forum {▲} where the minimum wage standard is placed {▲}{▲} Some people do not understand the difference between listed company executives' salaries and equity, wages are issued by the company's finance, The vice president of the ordinary manufacturing listed company in Guangzhou is about 50,000 a month before tax, the equity is like this, such as a friend to open a small company, you buy into 1 million, you buy into, if the company is bigger and listed, you are a billionaire, but there is a 99% chance that the company will fail. Listed company directors get rich by equity is to pay the risk consideration, that is, gambling to win Baidu Jiangsu bar inside Suzhou last year according to personal income tax data, annual income of more than 1 million only more than 9,000 people, Guangzhou counts Suzhou one-fifth, about 1,800 people, most of them are foreign general managers and deputy general managers of foreign enterprises. Every day in the forum are all idle, can not be a big company general manager deputy general manager {▲} salary is confidential, please do not publicly discuss {▲} when the monthly salary can be over 7,000 is good {▲} Guangzhou Forum town everyone is high income {▲} this 7000 yuan see how to come, five days eight hours that no words, The whole month overtime 7000 even if less {▲}{▲}2500 passing {▲} anyway my salary does not have to pay taxes {▲} system are more than 10,000, ordinary enterprises normal 5.6 thousand {▲} forum from one million {▲} a month more than 7000 is really high income! The feeling is that the government is actually doing something, which is the welfare of the common people. {▲} Not villagers, have not heard. Help. This is very good, hope that the city also push down {▲} hope that the city to promote this {▲} this Jiangsu province a lot of rural areas in the application, the general hospital costs of more than three thousand after the part can be reimbursed, but the cost of reimbursement is not a lot, if not surgery only chemotherapy and other drug treatment program, basically 500 ~ 900 times, But compared with no one's 30 yuan payment standard is still worth paying {▲} High-tech zone Huaqiao Dianshan Lake Land home has a blessing village guarantee, other places have not carried out this welfare for several years. {▲} Guangzhou why not the city unified {▲} the notice is only the Huaqiao Economic Development Zone share economic cooperative members to participate in, the field settled to Huaqiao is not able to buy ah? I tried to buy myself seems not to be able to {▲} good Hefeng section of direct elevated, Jingsha Road there are on-off ramp {▲} look forward to the early completion of traffic {▲} closer and closer {▲} He said may be Huangpu River Road and Hefeng intersection this intersection more traffic, need to dredged! {▲} Huangpu River Road Jinyang Road intersection right? Rest assured that this bridge will be directly elevated all the way to the east of the Central East Line (Huangpu River Road) over the {▲} He Feng section to the Central, far away! {▲} will not be far away {▲}{▲} China Garden Road Express road what project?? Specific and final publicity, some sections of Zhonghua Garden Road will be rapidly transformed

Scene reproduction

Left! I'll always be on your right! (Love is higher than the sky, I want to be the tallest building in the city!) Hello, left, I am right, today is December 30, 2010, one day from 2011, you said that 2011 is your lucky year, I hope that the lucky messenger is me, of course not me, I also hope to accompany you to go on, no matter wind and rain, no matter hunger and cold, you have me along the way, each other around! Help each other and walk, life is originally a great joy and sorrow cast, although now I have a small starting point, but I hope to work with you, work together, struggle together, create our mutual high point, celebrate a total joy. When we are old, we sit together under the tree, talk about our past, and recall the way we walked together. Left. Don't be so insecure, okay? It can be said that through tomorrow, we are together for 2 years, the days together, with sincerity in the exchange of solid, God arranged two people together is not easy, perhaps fate let us know each other, perhaps coincidence, but everything is not important, two people together is to cherish, cherish every day together, cherish every second together! With a true heart, sincere treatment. Life is very long, you are always so not confident to see me, in fact, I have nothing good, hope to find a simple person, congenial to each other, together with the family for a lifetime! Like the feeling of walking with you, very comfortable, like such a temper of you, never let me have any pressure, the only thing is not confident. Of course, maybe some of my reasons, always let you think so, I will use practical action to prove that they are not what you think. Life is inherently varied, but my life hope is very simple, as long as accompanied by you! Thinking is a little confused. The only thing is I don't want you to think about that. Left. I want to stay on your right. Men cheat women's tricks this literary talent is quite good, but the result of men ah TM is the Wolf this is where this is from, but also directly print once clearly in love… It's hard to let go of resentment now… How did the two protagonists come to this stage, from the sweetness of you and me to the bitterness of gnashing teeth? For the specific plot, please keep an eye on the posts of the two protagonists… Right and wrong, love and hatred, there is always a clear time… I hope you two can deal with this peacefully and amicably… You also make me believe that in this world, love is really only worth so much… Thank you! What situation to eliminate 0 reply I tangled, do not understand. Very hot scene… How to predict the future look at the next breakdown of summer, you naughty to see it… It's just, like, broken up, settling scores… Hello, the girl on the left, seeing you fighting here, and looking at the two ids that have witnessed your sweet, constantly shaking our eyeballs, may I ask, what do you want to say to the majority of fans? Looking forward to witnessing the two sweet children's shoes, can provide more information for me to write the first half of the film - "the past sweet" part of the future do not want to be a man ah, I am looking for meat friends have been eating wowo, there is no drop of oil in the dish… So love, do not worth it. This is ridiculous. Oh, did Brother Xiao summarize again? Haha these days, there is no love… No, just a slight addition… Xiao Shuai, you really tight ah, it looks like you can make a lot of money seems to have seen the real left and right oh, but whether it is a woman or a man, are really not very impressed

You can always tell which one is in-laws at a wedding. You know why?

Nephew married, these two days can be the cousin tired out. When the host said that both parents on stage together, at a glance to see which is the mother-in-law, this is why? ☆ Will not see the appearance of ☆ The most brilliant smile is the in-laws! We all know ☆ It is easy, one is the donor, the other is the receiver, the receiver sent out a foodie, natural smile such as peach blossom ☆ white picked a big living, I am not happy. One hundred and eighty thousand dowry. Two or three years to get it back. ☆ After the girl married, she must be old tears, in the busy life, we often forget to appreciate the beauty around, forget to cherish what we have. Love life, is an attitude, is a kind of ability, is a choice. It's about how we treat each day, each moment, each smile, each touch. To love life is to love life and cherish the beauty of every moment. It can be the warmth of the morning sun on the windowsill, or it can be the quiet of the stars at night. It can be listening to the melody of a rain, or it can be savoring a cup of coffee. No matter how much pressure and trouble life has, we can find happiness in the details and feel the beauty of life. Let's find the strength to love life from around us. The laughter with friends, the kindness of strangers, and the gifts of nature are the best gifts in life. When we learn to be grateful and learn to share, we will find that the power to love life is around us. Imagine that when you walk down the street, you are greeted by smiling faces, and you will feel the sunshine and warmth in your life. When you see a stranger helping others, you feel the goodness and beauty in life. These are the expression of love life, they make us cherish life more and love life more. In order to make us love life better, we can start with some small things. For example, give a hug to a family member, a smile to a friend, a greeting to a stranger. These seemingly insignificant actions can make us feel the warmth and beauty of life more. In short, love life is a kind of ability, a choice, an attitude. It makes us cherish life more and love life more. Let us start from today, to feel life, to love life, to cherish everything we have. Because life is our greatest wealth. ☆ Great writing. ☆ When you send this post, you want to find someone to help you speak. But look who's standing with you. Everyone's views are surprisingly consistent. Oh, fuck! You're not allowed to comment on a stupid post like this? And that I was daring across the screen! Doll, the law is protecting you! ☆ The words Gaogu Lou hair even if, right your brother, or friends, elders, relatives said, is completely stirring up trouble, which do more, do less, are for this family, people have their own days, you have counted relatives. Hehemu on the line, you can not see the ☆ home is two people, housework should be two share, high income, not a legitimate reason to do housework. That's no reason to confiscate a man's wages. If you really do not want to do housework, you can take care of the nanny. Doing more or less housework is another thing, but there is absolutely no excuse for not doing housework. Good body and mood, free, able to do a little more. On the contrary, you can do less, which can promote the harmony of the family atmosphere and is also good for your health. ☆ There are 125 comments on your article, "One stone to stir up a thousand waves" caused so much traffic, from a business point of view, the effect is very good. The platform needs this kind of article. There are those who speak on the side of the man, those who speak on the side of the woman, those who speak from the perspective of both sides, and those who speak from a neutral position. Yeah, I got it. It almost snapped. In his heart, he did not think that it was just a copywriter. Not necessarily true. A fight leads to conflict and hurts the relationship. It's your own pain. Remember, just copy for entertainment, there is no need to take it too seriously! Heavy in participation, heavy in entertainment brother daughter-in-law salary is almost twice higher than brother, every day after work is brother cooking, washing pot, washing clothes, wages are also under brother daughter-in-law management, looking at some uncomfortable in the heart, this marriage is really who is low wages who will undertake housework? Who gets paid more gets a say? Although the pay is low, the work is not easy, and housework should not be divided into divisions. ☆ May be your brother considerate daughter-in-law, to you this how changed the taste? ☆ I heard that some people earn more than women and do housework. More women, more men, more women. What do you want to do? ☆ ☆ Life is mutual ☆ This is capital, accept it! So am I! The only way is from ☆ my salary is higher than my daughter-in-law, I not only shout special housework, but also from time to time a few words ☆ What do you worry? ☆ ☆ Do not see, you go to their house chores package ☆ As long as your brother has no opinion, this is absolutely no problem, you don't worry about ☆ all the days of each family, other couples you love I wish, you an outsider need not mix. ☆ It is good to manage your own home, marriage is like wearing shoes to know that your brother is a man with love, a man does not love his wife only may have an affair. ☆ If in turn is your brother's high income sister-in-law bear all the housework, presumably you do not have such a big resistance to it - after all, tired is the daughter of others, after all, many families are so ☆ ☆ all day to night idle eat radish light worry, your brother did not say what, people's housework you urgent what ☆ Do not do annoying aunt sister? ☆ My family has this blessing you have what law ☆ brother is Shenzhen so many nail shop is opened for men now like to do nail art will not go to do housework ☆ You are not idle? Don't you have your own family affairs? What do other people's family affairs have to do with you? The economic base determines the superstructure and the status of the family. ☆ High salary has the right to speak….. I just want it…. ☆ You are sister I think you can operate, you are a brother is to worry about ah ☆ the economic base determines the superstructure