月度归档: 2023 年 11 月

Apple and OpenAI in the transformative Age of Innovation

At the conference, OpenAI introduced a major update that will reduce the cost of ChatGPT by two-thirds, but OpenAI also plans to introduce more developer tools to further attract developers.

In terms of new products, the biggest highlight is the upgraded version of GPT-4 - GPT-4 Turbo model, which has made six upgrades around long text, knowledge base, multi-mode, model control, model fine-tuning, and high speed.

According to Reuters, OpenAI demonstrated its ambition to expand its ecosystem and expand its consumer business, while datanami described OpenAI as "further opening the spiggly of generative AI" at the developer conference.

As the cradle of technological innovation, Silicon Valley has never been short of great tech companies and startup stories. But epoch-making companies are rare.

Perhaps even OpenAI CEO Sam Altman himself did not think that in just one year, OpenAI has become one of the most widely used artificial intelligence platforms in the world, and ChatGPT has become the most mentioned product in the global AI field.

In the explosion of innovation brought by OpenAI, Sam Altman was described as a "genius and a madman", an ambitious entrepreneur who reminded people of Jobs.

"Silicon Valley hasn't been this excited since Steve Jobs introduced the iPhone in 2007." According to Business Insider.

Apple ushered in a new smartphone era, and since then, the focus has been on what more amazing products Apple can come up with.

But over the years, Apple's innovation can only be described as "micro innovation", and as a result, people have begun to question Apple's innovation ability. Its movement on phones and operating systems is no longer exciting, and the development of new products and technologies is slowing down.

Today, OpenAI has become a leader in the wave of innovation in the technology world, and while competitors are still moving forward for the generative AI industry, OpenAI has begun to do the platform and ecology. If OpenAI's next step is the "Apple of AI," what's next for Apple?

AIGC is becoming a new variable in Singapore's digital tech ecosystem

AIGC technology is also emerging as a new variable in Singapore's digital tech ecosystem. According to Tortoise Media's latest Global AI Country Index report, Singapore's AI Index overall ranking jumped from sixth to third. This means that Singapore will be one of the best cities in the world for tech startups in the future.

Companies with the same background include ADVANCE.AI and Cyrudder Intelligence, the former is committed to using AI, big data and cloud computing technology to provide digital solutions, and its parent company is the Southeast Asian unicorn Pioneer Group. The latter focuses on technologies and applications related to speech recognition, speech synthesis, natural language processing and semantic understanding.

These companies have caught up with the hottest wave of AI in the past two years, and the companies have completed several financing, ranging from A+ to D round, and behind them there are a number of sufficient star venture capital institutions: GGV Capital led the investment, Singapore funds Wavemaker Partners and Insignia Ventures, Hong Kong funds ZWC Partner, Tencent, Hillhouse, Yunqi Capital, etc.

They chose Singapore for almost the same reasons: a good business environment, world-leading digital infrastructure, enough policy support, and talented people from all over the world. Most importantly, I want to find opportunities in Singapore for the global market.

"If we were a person in Singapore, we would be among the tech optimists looking forward to the use of generative AI in digital technology in Singapore," said Amy Chan, Greater China director at Singapore's Economic Development Board.

AIGC is the product of the digital age, and behind it is the maturity and perfection of digital technology, such as algorithms, computing power, blockchain, big data, cloud computing, etc., including artificial intelligence.

Singapore is one of the early countries in the world to start and pay attention to the development of digital technology. As early as 2014, Singapore launched the Smart Nation Development Plan, which established the strategic transformation focus of digital economy, digital government and digital society. This also provides a comprehensive national strength basis for its innovation of domestic digital economy governance paradigm and participation in global digital economy governance.

Chan said that at this stage of economic development, Singapore needs to continue to explore and innovate cutting-edge technologies. Digital technology has profound innovation opportunities, "so Singapore will actively participate in the global wave of digital technology industry."

The ASEAN Framework Agreement on the Digital Economy is a good example. Singapore is exploring measures to improve digital and data connectivity, such as in payment systems and data connectivity among ASEAN countries.

In addition, Singapore has established an AI governance framework, which was launched in 2019, and has continuously updated its provisions since then to strengthen cooperation with the private sector and other countries on AI.

With the help of technologies such as artificial intelligence, network security, cloud computing and blockchain, fintech, e-commerce and 2B enterprise software have gradually taken shape in Singapore, attracting technology giants and startups from all over the world.

Domestically, Alibaba, Tencent, ByteDance and Huawei have all set up headquarters in Singapore. Between 2018 and 2021, TikTok leased office buildings in Singapore three times to grow its international business.

There are also tech unicorns or good startups coming out of Singapore itself. For example, Grab, a super app born in Southeast Asia, ViSenze, a homegrown image recognition startup focused on e-commerce applications, SixSense, an industrial vision inspection startup, And 6Estates, an AI-driven intelligence company spun out of NExT, a joint research center between the National University of Singapore and China's Tsinghua University.

This is due to Singapore's emphasis on the training of digital technology talents, close cooperation between the government and enterprises in the development and application of digital technology, and Singapore's efficient construction of digital technology infrastructure.

Doctors in the United States have performed the world's first full eye transplant

New York University Langone Medical Center announced Wednesday that it had performed a full eye and part of his face transplant on the left eye of an American man who was severely disfigured by electric shock, the world's first full eye transplant. The patient recovered well after the operation, his appearance was greatly improved, and although he still had no vision in his left eye, he had "feeling".

The patient, Alan James, 46, is an electrician who accidentally touched a high-voltage wire in his face at work in June 2021 and suffered a 7,200 volt electric shock, losing his nose, lips, left cheek and chin, front teeth and left arm. His left eye had to be removed because of excessive pain, but doctors had to preserve as much of the optic nerve as possible in case of a left eye transplant.

A team led by Dr. Eduardo Rodriguez at Langone Medical Center performed a full eye and partial face transplant on James' left eye on May 27. The operation took about 21 hours and involved more than 140 people.

In the full-eye transplant, a type of mature stem cell taken from the organ donor's bone marrow was injected into the area where the optic nerve of the transplanted left eye connects to the optic nerve of James' left eye to encourage optic nerve regeneration.

James was released from the hospital on September 14 and returned to his home in Arkansas. For now, he needs monthly check-ups at Langone Medical Center.

Langone Medical Center said that while it is not yet known whether James will regain sight in his left eye, there are some indications that his eye is in good condition, such as the blood supply to his retina.

According to the Associated Press, James was unable to open his left eye when he was examined last month, but he felt it when the doctor pressed on his eyelid. But the feeling is on the nose, not on the eyelids. According to doctors, nerve growth is slow, and when nerve conduction is fully restored, the site of sensation will change.

Doctors opened the left eyelid and saw that the transplanted eyeball was as moist and full as James' intact right eye and did not shrink as quickly after surgery as had been feared. Only, the transplanted eye was brown, while James' own was blue.

James was very pleased with the results of the operation. "I can smell, I can eat, I can taste food… I kissed my wife for the first time. I want to go out in front of people without having to cover myself up with a mask."

The structure of the eyeball is complex and delicate, and the whole eye transplantation involves many technical difficulties, such as nerve regeneration, anti-rejection and blood supply to the retina. The Rodriguez medical team decided that even if a full eye transplant could only improve his appearance but not restore his vision, it would be worth it for James to have the surgery because he would need anti-rejection drugs even if he only had a face transplant.

James said he was willing to be the first "Patient Zero" to receive a full-eye transplant, and if the surgery does not restore the sight of his left eye, it will at least give him a normal-looking eye and allow doctors to learn from the operation for the benefit of other patients.

The eternal sense of Chinese art is beyond the "four times"

"The eternal question, I think, is definitely one of the more concerned questions in art. It goes without saying that the development of human history and civilization is closely related to eternal needs. Chinese art or Western art, to a certain extent, serves eternity."

In this lecture, Professor Zhu Liangzhi emphasized that the sense of eternity, as a lofty ideal state of Chinese art, transcends the eternal possession of material and the immortality of spirit, and its fundamental characteristic is that it is "outside the four times" and detached from time.

Starting with time and history, he discusses the soul of Chinese art from five aspects. First, eternity is continuous, which is the most basic concept of the eternal sense of Chinese art. Traditional Chinese art is well aware of the philosophical truth that "life is a kind of relay", and tries to give their unique understanding from the perspective of "creation is endless" and "Yingxu news". Second, not to be born is to live forever, that is, we should not only look at the world from the surface of life - lively state, but to discover the life underlying flow; Third, the natural interest is immortality, that is, outside of life and non-life, immortality is said from the life experience of imitating heaven and earth and surpassing knowledge; Fourth, once the wind and the moon, that is, the people who are here now stand in the wind and the moon that has existed for thousands of years, they also merge into the boundless light, the most typical such as the "lonely piece of pressure on the whole Tang" of the "Spring River flower and Moon Night", which shows the wisdom of life being complete and merging into the boundless light; Fifth, when the tea is ripe and fragrant, that is, borrow a wisp of cigarettes to "degree out" themselves, and degree to an eternal world without trouble and restraint.

Zhu Liangzhi said: "Chinese art cares about eternity, for example, life is fragile and changeable, we look for a certain power in art; Sometimes the environment is so filthy that we have to find a quiet place in art; Sometimes the world is so noisy that we have to look for a so-called quiet world that is neither born nor extinguished in art; Sometimes we are always dazzled and dictated by external rules of order (the grand order, the 'grand narrative'), and when it makes us very sad, we want to return to our 'little narrative', to our true sense of life, to regain a balance."

Therefore, Zhu Liangzhi talks about the eternal sense of Chinese art, in fact, he is talking about people's real life feeling, facing themselves and facing life, just like Zen said, "as people drink water, they know how cold and warm they are." "The permanence of art," he says, "is actually partly about going back to yourself and believing in yourself, the uncorrupted thing that is in your heart."

After the lecture, Professor Zhu Liangzhi warmly answered the questions of teachers and students and the audience, and made wonderful explanations on "how to maintain the original heart of artistic pursuit", "the essence of eternal sense and the guidance of artistic creation practice", and "the comparison of artistic philosophy and Chinese and Western culture".

3 core competencies that make people irreplaceable

Once thought over but the mountain, has become the picture frame of the scenery; The difficulties that I thought I could not overcome will eventually make me stronger.

Truly powerful people often have these three inner powers.

Emotional resilience

In a person's life, there are countless disappointments.

Fortunately, we have an ability to save ourselves: emotional resilience.

It helps us to storm our way out of trouble, to get back up and move forward no matter how many times we fall.

Whatever you want, whatever you want.

Cultivating good emotional resilience is a compulsory course for every adult.

Shakespeare said, "He who can remain calm in the midst of shock, steady in the midst of anger, and sober in the midst of indignation, is the true hero."

When you are in a bad mood, smile and tell yourself "everything will pass";

When you experience difficulties, you can also have the courage to "start all over again".

Suffering has no ultimatum, emotional resilience helps us to break through the road to growth, no matter how many times we fall, we can bounce back and set sail.

Effective communication skills

Only by mastering high-level communication can you have control over your life.

Where a person's communication ability is, his life is on which layer.

For most people in life, the initial mode of communication is based on self-vision.

For example, seeing a thing, the first thing that comes to mind is "what do I think?" in this case, what is conveyed is only their subjective emotions.

When you step out of your own perspective, you will see more objective details and understand things more comprehensively.

At this point, you have advanced from an emotional expression to a message transmitter.

But simply relying on the accumulation of information is not enough to support a high-quality communication. We need to go further, to the "value layer."

Execution is the key to opening the gap between people.

People who really want to pass an exam will not fanfare to let the world cheer for themselves, because they silently give up leisure and entertainment to prepare for the exam.

People who desperately want to change their status quo do not announce their blueprints, because the plan is suspended in the sky, the road is always underfoot.

The real execution is not to be reckless in the face of things, but to be responsible for things after thinking, and to be responsible for the results of the steady and persistent.

Do not rush to fantasy, do not be distracted by empty voices.

A book brings you to know the "circle of friends" of the great writer Su Shi in the Northern Song Dynasty

If Su Dongpo also has a "circle of friends", what is the experience? Poetry friends, book friends, painting friends, drinking friends, traveling friends, everything; Poetry, calligraphy, painting, eating, everything; The natural optimist, the great poet of compassion, and the good friend of the people are not enough to describe this great Song genius.

Recently, "Su Shi's Circle of Friends" published by Yuelu Publishing House was officially launched. On the basis of rich historical materials, the book starts with many figures in the Northern Song Dynasty, such as Ouyang Xiu, Sima Guang, Wang Anshi, Mi Fu, Qin Guan, Huang Tingjian, etc., showing the fate and life entanglements between Sushi and more than 30 cultural elites in the Song Dynasty, leading readers to understand Sushi's "circle of friends" closely.

In the book, the author carefully interprets Su Shi's poetry works according to the context of time, combined with Su Shi's circumstances at that time. Through Su Shi's social interactions with his family, teachers, friends, political enemies, disciples and other people, readers can see the artistic life of the literati circle in the Northern Song Dynasty, glimpse the many past events involved in the "Wutai Poem case", fully understand Su Dongpo's personality charm and extremely rich life, and see how Su Shi demonstrated his philosophy of life in the Northern Song politics of "surrounded by wolves, every step of the heart".

In addition, through examining Su Shi's social and artistic interactions, the book allows readers to have a deeper and more detailed understanding of Su Shi's social environment, as well as his philosophy of life, literary creation, artistic achievements, and religious activities, so that readers can see different faces from the familiar Su Dongpo. Although this book is a popular reading, it refers to a large number of original historical materials, literary classics and the writings of modern scholars. In line with the principle of "no word, no source, no matter and no history", the Sushi readers see is the closest to the historical truth.

The author of the book, Guo Ruixiang, is a famous writer of literature and history, focusing on classical culture and historical creation. In recent years, he has mainly worked in the field of Song history, and has published more than ten works such as "Civil Officials of the Great Song Dynasty: Observation of Scholastic Officials in the Song Dynasty from the Perspective of Reform", "Song Renzong and his Imperial Elite", "The History of the Song Dynasty that cannot be stopped at a glance", "Xin Qiji Biography" and "Li Qingzhao".

It is worth mentioning that the book "Su Shi's Circle of Friends" also includes nearly 100 illustrations of ancient paintings, including paintings and calligraphy works related to Su Shi, and is accompanied by exquisite page design and "Ding Wave" bookmark, showing the literary and artistic peak of the Song Dynasty.

The highest realm of life: Tibet

"The way of the sage is hidden and hidden."

Guanghua introverted, hidden, has always been a great deal of wisdom.

Life is a thousand, young people show their edge, mature people hide their capabilities; Fools show off, wise men hide.

Tibetan language: Restrain speech, grasp the sense of proportion

Confucius said, "When chaos is born, speech is a step."

Most of the troubles of life are caused by words.

Therefore, no matter how people deal with things, we should be careful in words and actions, and we can not ignore it.

The real wise men, most of them know how to stop language, know people do not comment, the governor keeps his mouth, knows how to speak, and acts to consider the details thoroughly, so as to be foolproof.

In this world, there are thousands of people in the world, misunderstanding is inevitable, misunderstanding sometimes.

Too much argument, not only useless, but only increase the annoyance.

As time goes by, you will find that argumentation is persistence, and Tibetan language is cultivation.

Tibetan affairs: accumulated, take advantage of the opportunity to act

"A gentleman keeps his tools in store for the time being."

To hide things is not to be skilled in the city and intrigue, but to accumulate precipitation day after day and wait for opportunities.

The plot is not secret, but for the burden, a moment of carelessness, will only trouble thousands of fetters.

Don't tell anyone what you really need to do.

Build up your strength silently, work hard in secret, and cultivate yourself in places where others cannot see.

Only by working hard in the dark can the foundation be solid and indestructible.

Like the rolling clouds and thunder that are ready to go, and so on, we will see.

Come or go, we have room to maneuver.

A real master knows how to bide his time and bide his time.

When you are in adversity, choose to use reading to enlighten yourself; In the good times, choose to seize the opportunity, work hard, naturally can control their own destiny.

A person, only understand the hidden things, can do things, do things, life can be straightened out.

Life is difficult to complete, in the face of helplessness in life, the best counterattack is not afraid, not sad.

Hide the pain in silence, calm and quiet, in the quagmire of life, cultivate a calm and indifferent mood.

The "stumbling blocks" on the road of life will be forged into the armor of self-salvation.

The more Mired in the mire, the more we must be calm; The more difficult and dangerous the obstacles, the more we must calm down.

People who have great ambitions in their chest often do not show their emotions, regardless of the pain or loss, they can be treated calmly.

The more you panic, the harder it is to clear your mind. The more irritable you are, the more difficult it is to control your emotions.

Really capable people, in the face of bad situations, will first calm down, will not let negative emotions spread everywhere, and then calmly deal with things.

Not in the form of color, is the philosophy of action; Calmness is the practice for people.

Big mind, the mood is weak; The bigger the pattern, the smaller the problem.

CdSb thermoelectric material

Product name
Chinese name: CdSb thermoelectric material
English name: CdSb pyroelectric material

Appearance: gray-black powder
Particle size: 20-30μm
Main ingredient: Cd0.99Ag0.01Sb
Semiconductor type: P type

Application field
Manufacture thermoelectric generators (chillers, generators, heat sources), infrared detectors, tunnel diodes.

Storage condition
Dry at room temperature, avoid light and vacuum storage, the maximum storage period of 6 months.

First abundance message
The family of Group II −V antimony compounds, represented by Zn4Sb3 and ZnSb, have great application prospects in thermoelectricity due to their inherent low lattice thermal conductivity. As an important similar compound of ZnSb, CdSb has the same structural crystallization and very similar band structure. The experimental work at CdSb focuses on the electronic and optical properties of single crystals. As a P-type semiconductor material, the carrier concentration of CdSb is significantly lower than that of high thermoelectric materials. In order to achieve a sufficiently high carrier concentration, many dopants are used, and the results show that Ag is the most effective for P-type conduction. Ag doping can greatly increase the hole concentration and thus improve the thermoelectric properties of CdSb materials.

Enlightenment of Tea Mountain: Lv Wenyang's journey of tea culture

Lv Wenyang, a management master of tea mountain, his life is like a cup of tea, elegant and full of connotation. Becoming a manager of tea mountain is not only a job for him, but also a love for tea culture and a reverence for nature.

In Lv Wenyang's tea mountain, every piece of tea is his effort, and every tea tree is a green treasure that he carefully cares for. He is well aware of the influence of the soil and climate of the tea mountain on the quality of the tea, and uses his rich experience and keen sense of smell to carefully care for each piece of fresh green tea.

Lv Wenyang's tea mountain is not only farmland, but also an ecological treasure land. He pays attention to ecological balance, adopts organic farming and natural fertilization to keep the purity and vitality of the tea mountain. His tea mountain is like a natural picture scroll, attracting many tea culture lovers to visit and taste tea.

In addition to traditional tea production, Lu Wenyang has unique insights in tea mountain management. He pays attention to the experience value of tea mountain, and creates a unique tea mountain tour line for tourists, so that people can enjoy the beauty of nature while tasting tea.

Lv Wenyang is not only the manager of tea mountain, but also the inheritor of tea culture. He often holds tea art performances and tea tasting activities to let more people understand the charm of tea culture. His work in tea mountain management is not only about producing tea, but also conveys a unique understanding of nature and life.

Lv Wenyang's management work of tea mountain is like a beautiful poem, he carefully guards every green leaf of tea mountain, presenting a picture filled with tea fragrance for people. His tea mountain is not only the origin of tea, but also a paradise full of vitality and cultural heritage. Lu Wenyang, in his unique way, has turned the management of chashan into an affectionate confession of nature and culture.

Scientists have discovered the most distant black hole yet

The black hole, located in a galaxy called UHZ1 about 13.2 billion light-years from Earth, was discovered by a team led by Akosh Bogdan, a scientist at the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics in the United States. Black holes formed when the universe was only 3% of its present age.

After more than two weeks of observations using the Chandra probe, the researchers discovered the presence of intense, superheated, X-ray-emitting gas in the galaxy, a hallmark of a growing supermassive black hole.

Based on features such as X-rays emitted by the black hole as it gobbled up material around it, the researchers estimated the mass of the black hole to be between 10 and 100 million solar masses. The researchers say the evidence suggests that the black hole was massive from birth, with a mass close to that of all the stars in its galaxy combined. But in nearby regions of the universe, the mass of black holes in galaxies tends to be much smaller than the total mass of the stars in them.

The researchers believe that the black hole's signature supports a theory previously proposed by some astronomers that massive black holes formed when giant nebulae collapsed in the early universe. The researchers plan to further analyze the data to delve deeper into the mysteries of the early universe.

Microquasar is a binary star system composed of a neutron star or black hole and an ordinary star in the Milky Way galaxy. The neutron star or black hole accrets the material of the star to produce a high-temperature accretion disk and relativistic jets, which are observed as intermittent or long-term changes in X-ray and radio radiation. It is a natural laboratory of the universe to study the strong gravitational field and relativistic physics. GRS 1915+105 is a well-known microquasar containing a rapidly rotating black hole and observed faster-than-light radio jets, and is an important sample for the study of extremely high-energy physical processes. For more than 30 years since its discovery, the black hole has been characterized by abundant X-ray light variability and intermittent radio jets, but the dynamics of the black hole jets and the origin of the rapid light variability remain unclear.

In order to uncover the mystery of the relativistic jets of microquasars, an international collaborative research team has used FAST to conduct the first high time precision radio continuous spectrum light variation and polarization monitoring of GRS 1915+105 from 2020 to 2022. Taking advantage of FAST's high sampling and detection sensitivity, two observations in January 2021 and June 2022 found that the black hole has a faint radio pulse with a pulse period of about 0.2 seconds. This pulse cycle is unstable and undetectable most of the time, so it is called a quasi-periodic oscillation. In the collaborative research results, Tian Pengfu, Dr. Zhang Ping, Professor Wang Wei and Associate Researcher Wang Pei from Wuhan University are co-first authors, and Liu Jifeng, Jiang Peng and Li Di from the National Astronomical Observatories are co-authors.

This is the first international observation of quasi - second low frequency radio oscillations of microquasars, and reveals that the quasi - periodic oscillations of black hole systems are directly related to relativistic jets. The discovery of the pulse of black hole radio radiation is of great scientific significance for revealing the origin and dynamics of relativistic radio jets of compact celestial bodies, and will open new ideas for black hole radio observation and theoretical research.