月度归档: 2023 年 12 月

It is suggested that Zhangji Road and Zhan East Road be opened up

which can divert some of the traffic pressure of Dongcheng Avenue All the roads connecting to the main road should be opened up the difficulty of crossing the railway is not generally large, look at the Changjiang Road {▲} to see if Guangzhou has a plan, it is not that you can not wear the Shimao piece of the east of the city to the south, either Central, or Dongcheng Avenue, and then along Shanghai Avenue, It seems that there is no other road {▲} I passed yesterday and seemed to see Zhangji Road to open up to the Station Road, it has been constructed, and the river at the south end of Zhangji Road has been under the iron plate and it is estimated that the pile will be driven. If you open up here, you only go south to Jinyang Road at present, and think of 312 you have to wear the highway again, and it is difficult to wear the high-speed rail at the same time. Huangpu River Road and Dongcheng Avenue do need a north-south connection between the channel, a few years ago also blew, these two years simply do not mention from the distance point of view, the compromise is Taihu Road south extension to 312 in the center, but Taihu Road itself is too narrow. Then Dongting Lake South Road, Lu Jia Zhaotian Road, straight to 312... Do not know the monkey year Ma Yue, it is good to open up the Zhangji Road and station east Road connection can be separated part of the east city Avenue traffic pressure, and then a back if the flower bridge high-speed railway station opened can also make the east of the city in the past more convenient to ride the flow of people can also rise, the last one of the most important is the road at the end of the mill road under the railway is really rotten enough, There is no way to widen the repair then it is better to build a new road to meet the daily travel of the surrounding people! Personal views only for discussion, you also please show your leniency, the subway has been open for 2 months, the bus at Xiaqiao Station has not been done yet, the road is sealed, the suburban rural lot is not the place where the leaders are concerned, how long we are looking forward to opening this road, every time it is said that the railway is not well constructed, not well constructed, the nearby area is 3 resident communities, All the others are factories, chicken drops fart is not, and there is no selling property, so convenient for you, don't kill me. {▲} This can have. First of all, Taihu Lake Road, Dongting Lake Road, Wusong River Road, Jinshajiang Road are not through it {▲} I also do not understand why this road is not open, the difficulty is not big {▲} last time I went once, could have taken the path, the path was destroyed {▲} Dongcheng Avenue early repair it {▲} there is no plan here, On the contrary, the south extension of Dongting Lake Road is discussed. {▲} This road has been speculated before, and it seems unlikely at present, even if Zhangji Road is being renovated now, there is no sign. And the middle needs to cross the old train track, as well as the current parking lot between the two communities, which indirectly leads to the problem of insufficient parking space. {▲} The road there is a mess The community moved from Saint Gracias to East Hui Yuan for two years, the door is closed all day, the window can not see the light for 24 hours? I wonder, what is the reason, the community that can't see the light all day, has not considered the physical and mental health problems of the community staff {▲} dark community {▲} you this psychological dark, pull the curtain is to prevent the sun straight you go to the summer to shoot if you find any corruption clues can be reported directly {▲} The curtain opened, people outside see are inappropriate, And of course, the fact that there are so many dead trees is also a factor that exacerbates direct sunlight. The magnolia behind the window fell to the ground 20, the owner reflected, the industry committee said it would reflect, the property said we would reflect. Chow will say no one reported it? The fact is that the East Hui edge has died hundreds of trees in a year, all pretending to be dead. At the beginning of the year, the green land of the electric transformation of the Shengya Garden community has also been damaged, and the marble curb has been basically re-planted recently, and the marble curb has also been repaired. {▲} Only when the window is closed, can you not see the problem of the community {▲} When the window is closed, you can not see the small yellow advertisement posted everywhere in the East Hui edge community {▲} The curtain is closed, the community can not see the destruction of the original monitoring, the community can not see someone engaged in monitoring projects, Can not see the collusion between inside and outside the whole community posted advertising everywhere to take the time to finish it {▲} Then left Bailu road to Zhongshan Road this section of the blocked road {▲} The other side must not move {▲} Embroidery bridge is an important bridge in Guangzhou city! Is not to say that a hundred years of mother, is it not every day to withdraw every day to build {▲} the road is getting wider and wider, the car is getting more and more blocked {▲} after sending children is convenient {▲} Chaoyang Road expansion is much more smooth than before

In Kunshan, a monthly income of 7,000 yuan is considered a high income, isn't it?

I'm 4000 more a month. {▲} Aladdin's salary is not high {▲} have to look at many aspects of commute working hours holiday benefits and so on; Comprehensive actual monthly surplus how much our company has just graduated from this salary {▲} excluding other income (investment, stocks, financial management, rent, etc.), 7K is the salary of most people {▲} Forum average monthly income of more than 20,000, housing basic flat floor start {} more than 4,000 even, because you can feed 2 people {▲} in Guangzhou is, In Guangzhou forum is not {▲} think more, to reach 50,000 is {▲} do not know, anyway, the forum per capita 30,000 +{▲} couple a 7500 two people 15,000 to cut off the mortgage living expenses, and surplus food, than a person with 20000 some better {▲} You this algorithm is in accordance with the annual income of the average monthly income? Guangzhou Statistical Yearbook 2022 shows that the per capita disposable income of urban and rural residents (permanent residents, including the elderly and children) in Guangzhou in 2021 is 67871 (equivalent to 5,656 / month), of which 43,540 (equivalent to 3,628 / month) wage income, 5,445 (equivalent to 3,628 / month) business income, 10,395 property income and 8,491 transfer net income; Urban non-private units (including state-owned, collective, joint stock cooperation, joint venture, limited company, joint stock company, other domestic enterprises, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan investment, foreign investment enterprises, The average salary of employees is 104,762 (equivalent to 8730/ month), the median is 91,979 (equivalent to 7665/ month), and the average salary in 2022 is 5500/ month, 7000/ month, which is the high salary data, and what is the caliber? Most of the workers in Guangzhou are factory production line operators, five days eight hours do not work overtime is 2280 base salary, overtime is actually two jobs, outside the system of workers five days eight hours can take 5000 even if mixed well, except the system of whips as for the annual salary of millions, Guangzhou listed companies have dozens of, F10 inside to see the annual salary of the board of directors of the board of supervisors, few more than one million, is the forum braggart are listed companies chairman and president? {▲} is nothing to find trouble Lord {▲} can be on the middle but in fact this income of life is the bottom of society unless you have other sources {▲} continue to fuel, life is not easy. {▲} is talking about the basic salary! It may be that the per capita disposable income of Suzhou and Guangzhou newspaper is almost Shanghai, the actual income of Shanghai is 1.5 to 2 times that of Suzhou and Guangzhou, look at the pension, the same years of service in Suzhou pension is only half of Shanghai, if Suzhou Guangzhou income is really similar to Shanghai, there will not be so many people every day across the province to Shanghai to work, In addition, per capita income tax, Shanghai per capita income tax of about 9000, Suzhou Guangzhou per capita income tax of less than 3000, see per capita deposit, Shanghai per capita deposit is twice that of Suzhou Guangzhou, Suzhou Guangzhou is too big, but the economy is very hollow, there is no local industry, all rely on foreign investment, and now foreign investment has gone to school in the first village a younger brother's daughter-in-law, Guangzhou threw ID card that company, online live to lure high-salary recruitment, said 27-28 yuan per hour, after I confirmed that there is such a company, a person excitedly took the train to come, and finally: the first month is like this, after a month basically according to the minimum wage, the factory lived a night, my home lived a night, on the way home. That's five or six grand a month. {▲} hourly wage 2500 did not dare to say so {▲} a month 20000, anyway, the pocket always no money, expenditure is too big don't be **, continue to reoil {▲}7000 hand can, in Guangzhou {▲} a lot of monthly salary of more than 2000, annual income 10+, this data can not see {▲} you can get on the road interview to see… {▲} How to look at it, if there is a house and a car without loans, then this salary is still comfortable {▲} Annual salary is not a million, I am sorry to post in the forum {▲} where the minimum wage standard is placed {▲}{▲} Some people do not understand the difference between listed company executives' salaries and equity, wages are issued by the company's finance, The vice president of the ordinary manufacturing listed company in Guangzhou is about 50,000 a month before tax, the equity is like this, such as a friend to open a small company, you buy into 1 million, you buy into, if the company is bigger and listed, you are a billionaire, but there is a 99% chance that the company will fail. Listed company directors get rich by equity is to pay the risk consideration, that is, gambling to win Baidu Jiangsu bar inside Suzhou last year according to personal income tax data, annual income of more than 1 million only more than 9,000 people, Guangzhou counts Suzhou one-fifth, about 1,800 people, most of them are foreign general managers and deputy general managers of foreign enterprises. Every day in the forum are all idle, can not be a big company general manager deputy general manager {▲} salary is confidential, please do not publicly discuss {▲} when the monthly salary can be over 7,000 is good {▲} Guangzhou Forum town everyone is high income {▲} this 7000 yuan see how to come, five days eight hours that no words, The whole month overtime 7000 even if less {▲}{▲}2500 passing {▲} anyway my salary does not have to pay taxes {▲} system are more than 10,000, ordinary enterprises normal 5.6 thousand {▲} forum from one million {▲} a month more than 7000 is really high income! The feeling is that the government is actually doing something, which is the welfare of the common people. {▲} Not villagers, have not heard. Help. This is very good, hope that the city also push down {▲} hope that the city to promote this {▲} this Jiangsu province a lot of rural areas in the application, the general hospital costs of more than three thousand after the part can be reimbursed, but the cost of reimbursement is not a lot, if not surgery only chemotherapy and other drug treatment program, basically 500 ~ 900 times, But compared with no one's 30 yuan payment standard is still worth paying {▲} High-tech zone Huaqiao Dianshan Lake Land home has a blessing village guarantee, other places have not carried out this welfare for several years. {▲} Guangzhou why not the city unified {▲} the notice is only the Huaqiao Economic Development Zone share economic cooperative members to participate in, the field settled to Huaqiao is not able to buy ah? I tried to buy myself seems not to be able to {▲} good Hefeng section of direct elevated, Jingsha Road there are on-off ramp {▲} look forward to the early completion of traffic {▲} closer and closer {▲} He said may be Huangpu River Road and Hefeng intersection this intersection more traffic, need to dredged! {▲} Huangpu River Road Jinyang Road intersection right? Rest assured that this bridge will be directly elevated all the way to the east of the Central East Line (Huangpu River Road) over the {▲} He Feng section to the Central, far away! {▲} will not be far away {▲}{▲} China Garden Road Express road what project?? Specific and final publicity, some sections of Zhonghua Garden Road will be rapidly transformed

Haihong Road west extension land expropriation is coming, open soon

To Xinwu Street can relieve the pressure {▲} Zhangdou Zhangdou {▲} Well, the land needs to be expropriate, and the formalities are a problem {▲} Bailu South Road to Huayuan Road, Xiao澞 Road south extension, Baima Jing Road south extension, is good for Guangzhou city and Zhangpu, if these three roads are all south extension, I am willing to donate 200 yuan for the project construction {▲} Baima Jing Road south extension, How can the small 澞 river road south extension, Bai Lu Road and Baijing road south extension enough {▲} ZhangPu development is limited by the bridge across Wusong River ah! Is {▲} started? {▲} opened? I went to I also rewarded 5 copper motherlay, really helpless ah {▲} he stopped the place is not a parking space, and the owner of the car ???? Generally are private pull, do not have an accident is happy, no one wants to destroy the neighborhood, once the accident is finished, light the house was burned depreciation, heavy casualties. The security problem is OK, mainly blocking the road ah, which makes others in and out of trouble {▲} Village committee will write the application, stamp effective, do not write the application is private wire. {▲} This electric box, is not rain proof, ah, how do it rain? {▲} Flying line pulling tow line plate is certainly not possible but guanfang can. {▲} Your this is not what, our community charging head directly placed on the outdoor gas pipeline {▲} This waterproof? Call 119. This must have been installed by an individual. {▲} Sparks, passion for the charging pile of new energy vehicles can be so installed? Isn't it safe to install it directly outside the corridor? Does the Rongyuan Property and Power Supply Bureau allow such a charging box to be installed? {▲} must be able to otherwise how it is on this side, does not comply with the law do not know {▲} The world is not strange {▲} mainly not installed in the parking space, you can park in front of it, hurt each other ah {▲} slow charge. Residential electricity that {▲} demolition community and the old community are so do {▲} The community is installed in their own garage door {▲} The old community on this problem, their home pull a 220V, slow charge slowly charge it is {▲} This is too single, the road blocked charging, a mess ah {▲} demolition community, as long as the village stamp agreed, is the default. I want to contract to get a parking lot charge + sell breakfast, do not know which yamen can find application? Guangzhou Development Zone Planning and Construction Bureau on track S1 line road restoration and comprehensive renovation project - Kunjia Road station east square land and its ancillary facilities site announcement {▲} Development zone is best not to do, the old guys are difficult! {▲} Urgent need for P+R parking, non-motor parking. {▲}{▲} eat melons passing by {▲}{▲} specific to build a what? Do not understand {▲} build a large children's playground {▲} found in the upgrade, a bit like the city invested {▲}S1 line is what? A new one?

Room 1917, Building 21, Royoshida International, is suspected to be a fraudster company Guangzhou

entrepreneurial Road 21 Yoshida International 21 Room 1917, suspected of being a liar intermediary company, they cheat you, give you a job, let you pay the fee, the fee, wait for you to pay the fee, they said, we will give you work arrangements, give you say, where, where to wait, the result you go, to the place, people do not know, this is a matter, you say gas, not gas, This is still the first step of cheating, if you say that you did not give a job, want them to return the money, they will say, you do not go to work, do not give you back, such a liar intermediary company, why, the relevant departments of Guangzhou do not go to check that. Their boss is a surname we know,, what to say what to which surname boss Cao phone 1825165XXXX please do not go where {▲} hateful liar {▲} do not doubt, that is, {▲} do not doubt is, I have a friend was cheated there before, the police are useless, As long as a part of the money back {▲} we know more liars, why also send money every day, ha ha ha, {▲} do not doubt, this place is, no matter how many floors {▲} floor is just come to Guangzhou? A little not confident {▲} In that building, as long as you look for a job, pay first, all are liars. It's been a long time, and no authorities have taken care of it. It is estimated that the relevant departments are not good at managing {▲} that place is a liar {▲} This routine has existed for many years. Don't doubt! For Guangzhou, in addition to the temporary inability to reach Zhangpu, Guangzhou has realized the track connection between the north and the south, and for Suzhou, the track connection between the east-west main axis of Sukuntai has been realized. It's good to each take what he needs. I can't believe someone thinks it's bad... Feel bad, you plan, you build... The first phase of Line 9 is less than Guangzhou bar {▲} Line K1 will become a reality. Shiro said well, we will all say {▲} everything is wonderful. {▲} How can't... Those who talk down the Guangzhou Taicang section of Line 9, disgusting everyone with the so-called gossip... Line 9 Guangzhou Taicang section will not be missing a single... It is not good for one reason, did not go through his toilet {▲} I just want to ask really go? {▲} I personally feel that line 2 to the east through the east station, to the north through the South station Zhangpu, Guangzhou walk Yingbin road will be better? Behind can also be with No. 9, No. 17 transfer how good, to Taicang can be No. 11 line, the pursuit of speed and Su Xichang, so K1 realized, TongTaicang realized, Su Xichang also realized, personal views do not like to spray {▲} from the first publicity two months, the second publicity should come out of Taicang netizens do not worry, The Taicang section of Line 9 is very promising to enter the fourth phase of Suzhou Metro planning... Everybody have faith... {▲} Those who sing down the Taicang section of Line 9 are short-sighted... Set your sights a little higher... Don't be like a mouse, your vision can only reach the mouse hole... Do not learn cockroaches, eyes stay on the garbage... Do not learn flies, staring at the defense turn every day... & # 39; How many stops are there in Guangzhou?? {▲} Come on! More gas! More gas! {▲} I am confident, but the expression behind you let me lose confidence {▲} Then you rest assured, that expression is just a habit suffix... The government is dead poor, so save it

The best way to handle a carload of three people

Let your class teacher to pick you up {▲} feet clop tricycle, see if he still check, early start. {▲} eight car is not allowed to sit children {▲}{▲} you dare to open uncle dare to deduct car fines deduction points, what? You say you have no driver's license deduction points, congratulations you like to mention 5 to 15 days of public dinner {▲} in Guangzhou two rounds of three are no right of way {▲}2 rounds of not to open, but also open three bungee! There are so many idle driver's licenses and no place to use them. But Yadi's three trampoline some sell, do not know whether it belongs to electric motorcycle or electric donkey {▲} wrong, should be the old scooter, really seen on the way to school, no one in charge of {▲} building ah, this is abandoned road, to be patient. At that time, all the way to Luyang, Zhou City, Ba City, Shipai, Changshu have to go from here {▲} Now Zizhu Road from Huanqing Road to 339 sealed off, Kunbei Road has been blocked into a dog, it is impossible to move it, please ask the relevant departments Kunbei Road renovation project when to start? {▲} Want money, before the transformation of Zizhu Road, what is that thing, the sidewalk is not good before, a mess {▲} when to repair? {▲} A few roads in the north of the city are too broken, even the dog is not willing to run {▲} Originally said that it is not expected to start in August {▲} Don't worry, it is expected that December 31, 2023 to surround the road first, anyway, I encircled the road in 2023, tell the outside world that I have been ready to start, and then when to start that is later, {▲} Kunbei Road is too broken, quickly repair it {▲}{▲} North of the city road, it is really difficult to say ah. High-tech zone doesn't take this place seriously. Never seen a code for a {▲} connector? This is to touch the bottom of the pot burnt, you can cook again to burn coal, too amazing, good magic ah {▲} This is a belly with ink under the chicken egg {▲} is not there science? Artificial eggs exist, but the price is very high, if you buy it at the same price, it will be OK to donate it to the museum, and the bonus plus small red book is running towards you! {▲} Quickly to the natural decryption, at least can shoot 5 level {▲} This is a bad guy {▲} This is a bad guy ah. How expensive artificial eggs are. Artificial eggs are expensive. High cost, low price, stupid. {▲} How much does the egg cost? Artificial eggs don't pay

Event proofs for left and right

I suggest that zebra bamboo to my post and permanent top to the emotional version
A man must have his own career, must have a salary to raise a family, otherwise even if the marriage will not last long. When falling in love is romantic, send gifts, send festival is cruel. Material is the minimum guarantee of marriage

Certificate. Don't say that money will become bad, that is no money people comfort their own words, people rely on their own to do, men should assume the responsibility of the home. Resist the temptation outside. It's not about money. That's right. But I don't think this is him

Two things prove wrong in that they did not love to the end, two people half half, can only prove that women still can not put down. If I am on the right, I must return all the money, even if not, borrowed also also, being chased by a woman to return the money, really

But now even if it is returned, the woman should not give up like this, drunk weng's intention is not money ~ If right has a salary enough for left to squander, do you think left will leave him? I bet it's impossible. Brother, you don't seem to understand ~~~~ no

Because the right side has no money, the left side wants to leave, but the right side has changed its heart, the left side wants to return the money to the right side. You have nothing to do when you are full, a group of chicken women, other people's things want you to control ah, no money how to flower through you just look at the surface, you think left will

Leave him because he's underpaid? Face, the key is what I said here. Change of heart? Get hairy. I don't know if a man has a bad color. Forum big Immortals play how many women, why their family Gu Nojin soup, why they are old

Keep your eyes shut? Do you think some things are as simple as you think? Now that you put it like that, it's hard. My husband and I have no money from love to marriage, the first section sent less than 1000 yuan of things, I

Dad wants him back. No. But I believe our love is sincere I convinced dad, or mean to accept a little, to get married rich gift, their family took 20,000 dollars to come over, this time my dad is dead or alive. But I still believe

Our love, falling out with my dad, or followed my husband, and then the adults could not do anything, and finally agreed. Now my husband is also very good to me, we always believe that there is true love. There is love, there is hate, it proves that love was before

. This means that left will leave because right is not rich enough… Do I understand this correctly… I have bread I mean, at least have a salary to support the family, after all, the boss is less, life has to go on, men meager

The salary relative to each woman is also a lot of pressure, even if the man is so handsome, the basic to protect. Not like the big boss. left is not mature enough, a lot of things have not considered later. It's just slow when you touch it

Discovered. If you don't love it, let it go. If it is true love will never care, they can only prove that the original motive is not pure. With the idea of the floor, take a once twice back to nothing, every day, uncomfortable. Yes.

Ah, my husband said that those are colleagues, he does not want to take them every day, but can not pull face. Get them used to it. My husband is like a kid. When something happens, he's so happy. Today finally don't have to bring hehe, liberated but

It's hard to say no to that. It's a terrible thing! Say no, it is a colleague who meets every day, ah, bother… Well, if you don't, drive yourself away, and then people will say behind his back, so stingy, but I'm a little girl

Sometimes people will be jealous, today is not on the way to take which woman pull, O(∩_∩)O ha! Some colleagues are like this, my car has not yet started, he (she) they sit in. Sometimes even if you sit down, the main problem is safety. I

Call my cousin to take me every day, I am also embarrassed, or their own bike, but they do not think so, as if it should be taken. This is the nature and quality of people is good or bad, if we let others help what drop, our hearts always

Will feel very embarrassed, it is best to return immediately, do not owe others. Other several women are married, go to their husband's house, only a woman has not married out, every day to sit my husband's car, lonely men and widows, disorderly hate ha ha, this

You have to trust your own man, I said safety is, traffic safety… I also do not want to let the woman ride alone husband also do not agree with me to ride alone in other people's car, male is, I just tested my husband, I said that other men can

Take my car, he said you come on, hey, occasionally with is OK, but as a bus that is wrong. Help the owner to think about countermeasures, it is very difficult to resolve the problem, I am also trapped. Helping others is the foundation of happiness, now young people ah.

… Well… Ha ha, I believe, maybe I am relatively small, do not like my husband and other women alone to help me think about it, ha ha said the voice of my heart, whether male or female, as long as their other half is close to other members of the opposite sex

Point, how much will have some idea, the main idea to understand.

Scene reproduction

Left! I'll always be on your right! (Love is higher than the sky, I want to be the tallest building in the city!) Hello, left, I am right, today is December 30, 2010, one day from 2011, you said that 2011 is your lucky year, I hope that the lucky messenger is me, of course not me, I also hope to accompany you to go on, no matter wind and rain, no matter hunger and cold, you have me along the way, each other around! Help each other and walk, life is originally a great joy and sorrow cast, although now I have a small starting point, but I hope to work with you, work together, struggle together, create our mutual high point, celebrate a total joy. When we are old, we sit together under the tree, talk about our past, and recall the way we walked together. Left. Don't be so insecure, okay? It can be said that through tomorrow, we are together for 2 years, the days together, with sincerity in the exchange of solid, God arranged two people together is not easy, perhaps fate let us know each other, perhaps coincidence, but everything is not important, two people together is to cherish, cherish every day together, cherish every second together! With a true heart, sincere treatment. Life is very long, you are always so not confident to see me, in fact, I have nothing good, hope to find a simple person, congenial to each other, together with the family for a lifetime! Like the feeling of walking with you, very comfortable, like such a temper of you, never let me have any pressure, the only thing is not confident. Of course, maybe some of my reasons, always let you think so, I will use practical action to prove that they are not what you think. Life is inherently varied, but my life hope is very simple, as long as accompanied by you! Thinking is a little confused. The only thing is I don't want you to think about that. Left. I want to stay on your right. Men cheat women's tricks this literary talent is quite good, but the result of men ah TM is the Wolf this is where this is from, but also directly print once clearly in love… It's hard to let go of resentment now… How did the two protagonists come to this stage, from the sweetness of you and me to the bitterness of gnashing teeth? For the specific plot, please keep an eye on the posts of the two protagonists… Right and wrong, love and hatred, there is always a clear time… I hope you two can deal with this peacefully and amicably… You also make me believe that in this world, love is really only worth so much… Thank you! What situation to eliminate 0 reply I tangled, do not understand. Very hot scene… How to predict the future look at the next breakdown of summer, you naughty to see it… It's just, like, broken up, settling scores… Hello, the girl on the left, seeing you fighting here, and looking at the two ids that have witnessed your sweet, constantly shaking our eyeballs, may I ask, what do you want to say to the majority of fans? Looking forward to witnessing the two sweet children's shoes, can provide more information for me to write the first half of the film - "the past sweet" part of the future do not want to be a man ah, I am looking for meat friends have been eating wowo, there is no drop of oil in the dish… So love, do not worth it. This is ridiculous. Oh, did Brother Xiao summarize again? Haha these days, there is no love… No, just a slight addition… Xiao Shuai, you really tight ah, it looks like you can make a lot of money seems to have seen the real left and right oh, but whether it is a woman or a man, are really not very impressed

Are there left and right stories at night? Sit and wait…. Yao Cheng Liang

If I sit on a stool, wait, and watch! The main character came out to tell the story, you have to be happy dear left, it is a snow night, remember that day we drove from Linshan back to Yuyao that snow night? Snowflakes are flying, so beautiful, I wish the time had stayed on that day. Dear, I have been paying attention to your post recently, I want to say, dear, live our life together, okay? Let those worldly things go. There are too many helpless and too many choices on the road of life, but the only one we can choose ourselves, although a little lacking in some aspects, but my ideas you understand. Every day, youth is interpreting our story, even if it fails, at least each other's youth memories, dear, in fact, I have nothing good, thank you so look up to me, I will work hard, although now even their own do not live themselves, but for our future, I hope you give me a child, even if male or female worth mentioning, I'll give her the best education, the prettiest clothes, and I'll try, my dear. I know you are a good girl, also I know cherish a good girl, for the future, for each other, too many words can express what? Let's do it… Youth, we work hard for each other, while young, play a piece of Jiangshan, old we have to rely on! That happened so fast, a pair of 13 o 'clock move a chair and look at the right side should break the apple back to her because love broke the phone of course broke a gentleman to get a driver's license. During the interview, the examiner asked, "When you see a dog and a person in front of a car, do you run over the dog or the person?" Without thinking, the man replied, "Of course it was the dog." The examiner shook his head and said, "Come back next time." The gentleman was very unconvinced: "I don't run over dogs, should I run over people?" The examiner yelled at him, "You should brake." This kind of question should be answered by my daughter, brain teasers, huh. The hero's change of heart is the trigger for you to ask for money? But he's not very rich either. Aren't you trying to kill him? He just how to point wages, why should it, the past is over, and you also start well, before you get married, you don't want to invest your own money down, buy a lesson. Ah, the past let him in the past, why, who are not good about Posting in the forum, personal views are different, the statement is different who is right and wrong, and now how can you say clear lessons ah, unfortunately in love, is not understand you said she is afraid of the place… Her eyes are only on the right side now… You can't get to her, you're not a man, it doesn't matter to her… hahaha

Left. Did you give your virgin to the right?

Is this important? These days, junior high isn't reliable, let alone a left-hander at this age. Uh, why are you so obsessed with this membrane? Your virginity is heavy… What are you into? Other people's affairs, you really bother! Emotional things ah, how others say are one-sided, their own experience to know this layer of film to sell, the price seems to be very high haha, Niu force can not blow, a rush to lose money alone is the best partner I have ever seen to help me top ah one or two gold =50 grams, now each gram is 430 so your first consumption is 21500200 more time to buy gold bars, 100 grams, As long as according to half of you serious ah to earn for the future festival, I bought gold when I was young to double, how many years? Or is it five years? You could double your salary in five years. Gold more than 200 yuan/gram, how much is ordinary pork/jin? Gold is now more than 400 yuan/gram, how much is ordinary pork/catty? When you compare, you find that you don't make any money. And if 50 grams of gold for five years if more than 10,000 yuan, used to lend money, it is estimated that it can double. In these two years, the private interest rate has reached 2 cents. That's 24 percent a year. Can gold gain 24% in a year? Of course private lending has risks. Prepare the son's annual lucky money to buy gold bars, fall or rise, send the festival on a one-time several years old object to send a few gold bars, la la la la, wrong oh to take the highest calculation, ¥486/g so: one or two gold =50 grams, now each gram is 486 so your first consumption is ¥24300 plus the future will rise trend… It is estimated that more than this price oh, how do you not go to carve your mold how to become the gold market you are Yuyao PHS not forum small broadcast floating past ~ you guess this two-color ball is which number? 5 million each time, 6 less 0 each time, alas, the left contact method to me… Oh, be crazy… How much does it take to get love… Allow me to weigh… On the left, I'm rooting for you to beg for money, get fucked by him, and get cheated by him. There is no such good thing in the world. Lou pig said as long as love 2, can also point wax oh… To the left, to love crazy too broken, the water is too deep I can say in a quiet voice, men lying down will be shot is the word, dangdilong also when not out of the mountain my little girl will not bubble ah spear a few social little girl is too scary in 1, IQ, EQ, bile quotient can change the situation; 2, knowledge, insight, courage can change the fate; 3, see people speak people need to learn; 4. It has been said that myth needs art; 5, see people say nonsense called "city house"; 6, say the devil is called "pedantic"; 7, to gram the heart of self-denial, to accommodate the heart of others; Great victory must endure, defeat often because of heart. Looking at Bodhisattva, walking deep Prajnaparamita, seeing that the five skandhas are empty, and measuring all suffering.

Without you

When the world is only left with this bedside lamp you are already out in the morning, I turn around to feel you turn around countless strangers are waiting for the next green light repeatedly wrong each other fragile time, but long for the warmth of a kiss I turned off the light darkness I swallowed HO You are not when I most need to love you are not there Endless waiting like a monologue, you are not happy or sad, you are not I was hurt and then secretly better, but you are not not in the time to press the shutter many times in silence to hear the second hand rotation a person to eat this morning alone, you whisper that you have someone else My microphone only their own body temperature how serious is not necessarily true you said to me, I have to admit that HO you are not when I need to love you most but not endless waiting for the difficult monologue you are not happy or sad you are not I was hurt and then secretly better but you are not Those swing I understand all understand but you are not in love is not in you are not in when I most need to love you but not a person to play the two corners of love you are not happy or sad you are not like the air does not exist in the existence of no trace of love you are not When I need your love you are not you are not how to rub the wireless network without a password, you can also directly connect to the community, the network speed does not give force if you can enter the other party's route, you can set up a flow control and so on, if not, if the other party has not installed ARP firewall, you can use ARP spoofing tools, such as aggregation network management. Limit each other's traffic for me to use, of course, if the distance is really far away, then even if you know, use it at home, the phone is fortunately I set a password, just to prevent you, haha BT4 full name Back Track four, this is a linux environment portable system, can be put into the U disk or CD start, This has no impact on the hard disk and does not require local installation. BT4 logo is a very famous hacker attack platform in the circle, is a packaged Linux operating system, built-in a large number of network security detection tools and hacker cracking software. BT3~4 is famous for its convenient cracking of wireless networks, and the built-in spoonwep is a very powerful graphical cracking tool for wep wireless network passwords. With the popularity of wireless network (IEEE 802.11) devices, the security of wireless network has gradually become the focus of attention. Beini is a system used to evaluate wireless network security, which concludes that the use of WEP technology to encrypt wireless routers is not reliable. Beini: A wireless network security test system based on Tiny Core Linux. FeedingBottle: Why is the GUI of the Aircrack-ng toolkit running on the Beini system all about women and men? Come in every day is hurt, dead what the egg hurts ah why do so many people want to find love ah? Didn't love die when Sima Xiangru soaked Zhuo Wenjun? Because there is a fluke mentality do not understand what you say do not understand what you say after 15 years of Titanic, I will set sail for who, has sunk for 100 years. How to set sail? Is it important that you are a man or a woman? It's not important to be curious, just continue to be curious, COMEON, your signature is very good, the profile picture is very good, the signature is very good, what else is very good, continue ING profile picture is not said but lovely other good temporarily did not find me and men can chat like this. Do we need to see gender when chatting? Isn't that sexist? The engine's broken. I wanted to see… Oh…. Our name I generally do not chat, can also talk with men to a few is good to listen to good, will also sing yo, good Yaxing like to listen to ~~ If I did not listen to the beach spring when I was a child, now will still like Yue opera oh! First impressions count Sassafras! Big fairy is very elegant. It's been a long time since I've seen a full play. Listen to Wang Junan Yin sent mulberry garden to visit his wife is a kind of visual and auditory enjoyment of the beauty of Junan drama outside of the play, how many people like to listen to Yue opera, I also like. Haha.. Listening to Shaoxing opera can relax people physically and mentally, and can also gradually calm down the irritable heart… I've loved it since I was a kid, but I haven't listened to it in years. Crazy ~, all say marriage is a grave, sadly, small three also to rob the tomb Ha ha ha is, shameless in fact, they are very strong, the face can not and ya, some when the bitch also stand more hate, clearly did the third party intervene, also pretend to be ordinary friends. Nima, the New Year's Eve dinner is about to pour out, not saying ah, bitch do the most loud, the higher the archway stand some also have not to class, but also with the original steal I also hate such a woman, some also tell themselves everywhere is three, how deep love, how I feel they have thick skin! I wonder what kind of man would like them? It's okay to say you're a three. Some still do not admit, have not realized that they are three, they think it is daily contact what, disgusting ah disgusting, do a simple person, talk about a flat light love what is bad, ah as the saying goes, a slap does not ring here scold what is the use, the key is to fight with the small three, fight to win is the ability! The tears of the mistress. Flies do not bite seamless eggs, your own husband has a problem with this topic if spread, first of all, why your husband will go to the mistress, in the end, you and your husband's problem. If the little three people look at your husband's money, ok, it won't endanger your low position, if people look at people, look at your ability, sister! There's always something lovely about a hateful person! Ha, ha, ha, ha. Too much thinking. My husband He Dehe can dare to find a mistress, I saw another post on the forum. That person for the small three divorce, ah, not to say our family, ⊙ ⊙b Khan I think should be organized to deal with the small three group, who found a small three, others take turns to help deal with.