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[Play diary] Blue and White Street walk encounter bear fun house

Today, I went to the blue and White Street, and found that there was a new doll grab opposite the African drum, called Bear Fun House, I feel that the name is still more fate with me, I went in and walked a circle the boss said that their dolls are very easy to catch, I think it is not good to catch, the boss directly said that 20 yuan can catch two or so, can not catch up directly send you one, I reported the mentality to try to buy 30 yuan coins, the results caught 4 big, a small, my heart, what the devil, and so easy to catch the doll shop, the key doll is also very cute, the boss said you see, with you say catch, can also save the doll exchange gifts, I looked at a few fine pieces, will decisively save, hope to catch him twice and take him home, Today is really full of harvest, the mood is good ↓¤You say you are not the boss of drag I do not believe ↓¤passing ↓¤Opening ceremony ↓¤…… ↓¤Possibly, you are the propagandist of the store. It may also be the boss of the shop, doing conscience business, because a lot of catching the doll machine is good, the claw is very loose, it is difficult to catch up. ↓ ↓ ↓¤I have been, is true ↓¤The boss said 20 dollars can be out of 2 or so, 1 guarantee, if not caught, the boss can give you a choice to take away, as long as he is not empty handed, I like to catch, So I stayed for a while to see the boss say so to people, I said, otherwise dare not say. ↓¤This AD plays a good ↓¤eh, forget it, this year found happy things, share sharing, it is too difficult! Like to grab dolls, have been to know I said is not true! ↓¤Not to support is not important, if he said is true, then you go to other homes to spend the same money, nothing caught, in his home can catch, that at least is worthy of the stupid criticism and love to play heart is not it? ↓¤Help, hold a field ↓¤will do business, can make money ↓¤Oh yo yo ↓¤↓¤Buy toys in the name of catching dolls, there will definitely be repeat customers! In some places, you can't catch dozens of dollars, and everyone thinks that it is a fraud, and the people who go to catch will slowly decrease. Their home really super conscience, the quality of the doll is good, like to catch can believe me once, either fooled, or addicted, I want to catch this afternoon, good luck today to catch 30, the next catch 30 is estimated to be able to exchange my sitting model Mickey, there is a Sun Wukong and astronauts are I like, but no money, can only save a few days to catch once. ↓¤

[Leisure and entertainment] Asan ·2023 Chinese farmers Harvest Festival notice coming, hurry up to collect!

Golden autumn harvest Li set yellow is another year of harvest corn golden, rice fragrance Asan ·2023 Chinese farmers harvest Festival came an autumn harvest feast is about to open Continue to look down to check this "Asan Harvest Festival Guide" it! Time: September 23, 2023 (Saturday) Theme: Harvest Promotion (I) Opening Ceremony and performance "Asan ·2023 Chinese Farmers Harvest Festival" Opening Ceremony: September 23, 13:00-13:15 Venue: Xiaojie Street Yongchang Community Performance Time: September 23, 13:15-14:00 Venue: Small street, Yongchang Community (2) Series of activities 1. Folk culture Show Flower drum dance, folk juggling, lion dance, dragon dance, etc. Time: 14:00-17:30 Venue: Yongchang Community, Wuzengqi Farm Daoxiang Garden 2, Bajie. Recreational and cultural activities for visitors, cadres and workers, such as tug-of-war in rice fields Time: 14:00-17:30 Location: Daoxiang Garden 3, Wuzengqi Farm, Bajie. Farm Experience Activities For visitors, cadres and staff, such as rice field fish, rice field duck and other activities Time: 14:00-17:30, September 23 Location: Bajie Wo Zengqi Farm Rice Garden 4. Agricultural special products Exhibition in the county of 8 towns (streets) agricultural products exhibition time: September 23 10:00-18:00 Location: Yongchang Community road 5. Beer Tasting Event Bajie Wo Zengqi Farm Rice Xiang Yuan Beer tasting Time: September 23, 14:00-22:00 Location: Bajie Wo Zengqi Farm Rice Xiang Yuan 6. Bajie Wuzengqi Farm Rice Fragrance Garden Barbecue Time: September 23, 14:00-22:00 Location: Bajie Wuzengqi Farm Rice Fragrance Garden (3) Rural food Experience Asan characteristic food Asan Traditional farm characteristics Farm dinner Time: September 23, 17:30-19:30 Location: Eight street Wo Rice Garden Garden complex (4) Fireworks display and bonfire entertainment ignition, jump big entertainment, fireworks barbecue night market and other activities Time: September 23 19:30-22:00 Location: Eight street Wo Zeng Qi farm rice garden Address: Yongchang community, eight street Wo Village on September 23, see you! Source: Ecological charm Esan ↓¤1 year 365 days, there are so many spicy festivals. Thank you for sharing the Chinese farmers Harvest Festival. ↓ What do you use to celebrate harvest?
The beautiful scenery on the road, listening to songs in the prairie is not the same mood. ↓¤Xinjiang is so far away, who is going? ↓¤Thank you for your attention! ↓ Mid-Autumn Festival National Day is coming, you can go out to travel, pay attention to travel safety ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ A lot of sheep, should be very delicious ↓ ↓ ↓ Passing ↓ Xinjiang is not far, just because Gansu is too long

[City news] Mid-Autumn Festival to send warmth, for the elderly alone to prop up the fire safety "umbrella"!

Autumn is coming, the sky is dry, the risk of fire hazards is increasing, and the old people living alone have insufficient fire safety awareness and action power, which is the key group of education. Approaching the Mid-Autumn Festival, members of the Xiaodong Town government full-time fire brigade came to the town's Wubao village to visit elderly people living alone, help the elderly to check the safety risks at home, and bring holiday fire safety services for the elderly. On the day of the fire activity, the courtyard of Wubao Village in Xiaodong Town was more popular than usual, the old people sat in rows on stools, and the team sat in the middle of the old people, asking the old people in detail about their living conditions and their mastery of fire safety knowledge. At the same time, also for the elderly people to explain the use of fire extinguishers. The team members also took out fire knowledge leaflets, word for word to explain to the old people, for the family common fire safety hazards, fire safety education for the old people, so that the old people to improve safety awareness, away from fire hazards. The friendly local voice in the ear, one exhortation said to the heart of the old people. 2 Check hidden dangers and send peace of mind to the elderly's residence, simple furniture contains many fire safety hazards, ashtrays are placed on the furniture near the window, and a row of inserts is placed under the messy coffee table. In response to the hidden problems found, the firefighters carefully reminded the elderly not to smoke in bed, cigarette butts can not be thrown away, and the cigarette butts of the ashtray should be cleaned in time to leave no fire. In addition, the firefighters also started to help eliminate fire hazards, tidy up the debris in the elderly room, and re-arrange the wiring to prevent the occurrence of short circuit fire of the electrical line, igniting the surrounding debris. In the kitchen, the firemen found that the old people had piled firewood next to the stove for a fire. "This firewood is too close to the stove, if the sparks fly, it will soon light this firewood, very dangerous!" With that, the fireman immediately squatted down and cleared the firewood to the side, and told the old man to find another room to store the firewood, and then take it to the kitchen when needed to prevent a fire. 3 physical practice, guard the safety of the players before leaving the old people waved and said: "Fruit to eat often, do not put bad, we will accompany you after a while to chat, talk about fire safety knowledge." In the past, there was no full-time fire brigade in the town, and it may be a long time to come again, because the city's 1034 administrative villages (communities), the publicity power of the county fire rescue brigade is not enough to cover all, but now the full-time fire brigade is only a few kilometers away from Wubao Village, and the team members will visit the old people every once in a while, within the scope of their ability, Fire safety is provided for the elderly. In the next step, the detachment will continue to carry out "door-to-door" publicity activities in towns and villages, focusing on vulnerable groups, publicizing fire safety knowledge face to face, helping them investigate hidden dangers at home, improving the fire safety quality of vulnerable groups, and creating a good fire safety environment. Source: Qinzhou fire ┎ 〇 GP is a virtue ┎ 〇 GP good thing. ┎ 〇 There is no ignoring ┎ 〇 gp. ┎ 〇 GP
┎ 〇 〇 Mid-Autumn Festival and gifts, Qixi and gifts, this endless no money ah ┎ 〇 GP send 10 mosquitoes 3 moon cakes ┎ 〇 GP send fart,, ┎ 〇 GP ┎ 〇 GP at every move to send things, do not know we have no money this year ┎ 〇 GP too poor, for the rich woman to send me ┎ 〇 GP first of all you have a girlfriend ┎ 〇 GP send bribe?

[Metro News] "Comrade policeman, my 3-year-old daughter is missing…"

Lingshan Public Security has always adhered to the people-centered, based on the responsibilities and missions of public security organs, guided by the people's livelihood, worked hard to solve the problem of "urgent difficulties and worries" of the masses, and constantly improved the sense of security and satisfaction of the masses. On September 24, 2023, a 3-year-old girl was lost due to fun, but fortunately, with the help of Lingshan public security police, the little girl was finally reunited with her family. "Comrade policeman, my 3-year-old daughter is lost…" At 15:00 on September 24, the Lingcheng Police station of the county Public Security Bureau received a police report from Ms. Ning that her 3-year-old daughter Yingying (a pseudonym) was lost in the county underground mall. After receiving the report, police Wang Qiang and colleagues immediately rushed to the scene. After arriving at the scene, Wang Qiang and others obtained the child's photos and clothing characteristics, and then carefully searched in the mall, while calling the mall and the surrounding surveillance video to find. After half an hour of unremitting efforts, the police finally found the lost little girl in a candy store in the underground mall. Then, when Ms. Ning came to see her daughter safe and sound, she was so excited that she burst into tears and kept thanking the police. After understanding, that day, Ms Ning with Yingying to the mall shopping, fun Yingying running around, and finally separated from her mother. Before leaving, the police reminded Ms. Ning in the future must pay attention to take care of the child, to avoid accidents happen again. Source: Lingshan police ┎ 〇 why would she get lost? ┎ 〇 GP or optimistic about their children ┎ 〇 how is it? ┎ 〇 GP with two children, it is estimated that one did not see another ┎ 〇 GP optimistic about children Oh reporter from Nanning rail transit Group learned that in order to meet the needs of public passengers on holidays travel, Nanning Metro will extend the operation and service hours of the entire subway network during the Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day holidays. The specific arrangements are as follows: On September 28 and 29, 2023 (working days before the Mid-Autumn Festival and the day of the Mid-Autumn Festival) and October 1 and 6 (National Day and the last day of the holiday), the operation time of the entire subway network will be extended by 1 hour, and the operation time will be adjusted from 6:30-23:00 to 6:30-24:00. The interval between 23:00 and 24:00 is 10 minutes. Here, it is also reminded that passengers should make route planning before traveling on holidays. Stations near tourist attractions, transportation hubs, and major business areas have large passenger flow. In case of queuing or passenger flow control, please wait patiently and follow the guidance of staff. In order to effectively save the time of queuing for tickets, you can use the prepaid card or mobile APP to pay for the ride. If you need help, you can contact the station staff directly. ┎.through ┐ change what kind of do ┎.through ┐ is look not to understand, a. ┐ ┎ don't know what will happen? A. a. ┐ ┐ depends on ┎ ┎ was delayed for an hour, a. ┐ ┎ unclear from work

[Urban construction] Notice of sudden water outage in Qinzhou City on September 28, 2023

Sudden water outage Notice Dear users: Due to the emergency repair of the water supply pipeline of Jinwan East Street, Jinwan East Street (Anzhou Avenue to Yangfan Avenue), Anzhou Avenue extension line along the units and users are cut off. Water cut-off time: 09:30-17:00, September 28, 2023 (postponed in case of weather). We apologize for the inconvenience. To ensure safety, please turn off taps and water facilities in your home during this period to avoid waste or damage to household property when normal water supply is restored. For enquiries, please call the Water Service Hotline at 3696332. Qinzhou Kaitou Water Co., LTD. September 28, 2023 ┎○ Eruption again; ┎ 〇 Qinzhou's water pipe burst too easily ┎ 〇 there is ┎ 〇 gp. When did I start ┎ 〇 〇 GP reply is a virtue
What jobs or small businesses do you have in Qinzhou city? Please introduce or recommend, I sooner or later to pick up children to school, male 38 years old is not afraid of hardship, I sent a few years of takeout, put a few years of stalls, repaired mobile phones, repaired car tires a year will open the trailer, did the media for three years, did a motorcycle driver two years, into a Fu Kang factory and other factories, before are in Guangzhou Shenzhen, In Qinzhou port icon also now want to find something to do, do so much work is not afraid of you laugh oh, life must continue ah! Back to Qinzhou fourth-line city suddenly a little mystery busy can not find the direction, for your help or guidance, thank you very much ┎○ After the festival to find, you what job introduction is not? ┎.through ┐ unclear oh, a. ┐ ┎ house view is ok, a. ┐ ┎ ┎ business difficult to do now, a. ┐ ┎ ┐ can put stall in the original poster can do what snacks for bring snacks, a. ┐ ┎ ┎ ┐ ok oh, took home the balcony ┎.through ┐ what to sell! ┎ 〇 What business does the main house now e┎ 〇 GP reply is a virtue ┎ 〇 I do not tell you. Businesses that can make money are not willing to share. Afraid of peers stealing business. In addition to work or to explore their own stall to do small business in Qinzhou is the hair salon for a long ┎○ GP cut hair someone to rob business ┎○ GP a little reason brother ┎○ GP open drugstore ah, do not have to look at their own shop also do not use technology, the closure rate is low ┎○ profitable business will tell you? ┎ 〇 GP to work, the grade is almost like you, I also want to find a job ┎ 〇 GP together oh ┎ 〇 GP is also a good person ┎ 〇 GP funds are not big ┎ 〇 GP at home good love and hate to make up the knowledge of primary school, and then secretly help pupils make up lessons. ┎○ GP, ha ha ┎○ GP sold breakfast after the festival to find, you what job introduction? ┎○ There is no!

Shanghai Asus Night Market Alley: Explore the paradise of food and culture

Welcome to Shanghai, a metropolis full of modernity and prosperity. In addition to tall buildings and busy streets, the city also hides many corners of culture and food. Among them, the Asus night market alley is a place that makes people yearn.

Asus Night Market Alley is located in the bustling area of central Shanghai, it is a very simple and full of charm. As night falls, the small alley becomes instantly lively as a crowd of people pours into it. The night market is brightly lit, and a variety of food stalls are dazzling, emitting an attractive aroma.

The snacks here are very distinctive, and each one is full of strong local characteristics. Whether you like sweet or salty food, the Asus Night Market Alley has something to satisfy your taste buds. For example, you can taste the local famous braised pork buns, each bite is delicious meat, full of aroma. In addition, there are fried chicken, malatang, popcorn and other dazzling snacks, let you enjoy the fun of food.

In addition to food, the Asus night market alley also contains a strong cultural atmosphere. Here, you can enjoy a variety of traditional art performances, such as the very distinctive lantern dance performance. This form of performance combines traditional Chinese culture with modern dance, bringing a new visual enjoyment to the audience. In addition, there are a variety of small stalls selling handicrafts and traditional cultural derivatives, so that you can taste the food while taking home some meaningful souvenirs.

The Asus Night Market alley is also a good place to mingle with local residents. You can share your love of food with them and learn about their lifestyle and customs. They are hospitable and will tell you the local stories and traditions, giving you a deeper understanding of the city.

Overall, the Asus Night Market alley is an unforgettable place. Its food and culture have attracted the attention of countless tourists and become a unique sight in Shanghai. No matter where you are from, don't miss this feast of appetite and culture.