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Help friends to find boyfriends

Famous flowers have the Lord plus QQ please indicate Yuyao friends finally meet the age to help a rong aunt under passing God, this society, children are on, it seems that we are really old a Rong very good brother help post 90 after… More and more young grass appeared in the forum… Manual topping… For my dear LZ sister to add in view of the picture has the truth interested people can add her photos in the QQ album what do I do alas, third degree disability, move over to the side you don't have it? Where did the 90's come to live in the east of the city? Ask so clear add QQ chat to dizzy. boring
Simen single group: one thirty-three thirty-eight twenty-three is a, leave a footprint you are also Simen ah half four gatekeeper can send a couple is Simen Yuyao Ning statistics under the number of Simen I first report a number of what is half Simen praise a few, good performance can only count as half a well four doors posted next door Simen ning… Float over… Simen people are still more a report, I Simen! Si gate people four gate 03 ah ah a more than floor master set up a Si gate group everyone in Si gate good business ~~ I am not in Si gate make a face of Si group is better handsome boy I handsome thank you for playing soy sauce don't think I handsome also NC that number was not put out? Am I right? Now I don't have either. I'm not NC, I'm brain-dead. I'm not the same person as him. NC is also contagious ????? I don't want to follow it seems that the month month is also a brain mutilation ah or handsome head, the identification is completed
Who said that about me? Who said that about me? Who said that about me? Who said that about me? Who said that about me? Who said that about me? Who said that about me? Who said that about me? Come out, Tianya is angry. Where's the old post? It's him, it's her, it's it… April post did not see ah what is vest ???????????

Be a happy-go-lucky person

Master Hongyi: "After doing your best, choose to go with the flow, people's hands are so big, there are too many things they can't hold, everything in the world is empty joy, nothing really belongs to you, you come, everyone is happy, you leave, your hands are empty, the only thing that belongs to you is every moment you live." Life sea sea, mountains and rivers, not beyond. Through the rain, across the years mountains and rivers, eventually you will find that life is just so. This life is nothing more than a process, after a hundred years, dust to dust, dust to dust, you return to dust. Life is a traveler, why thousands of knots. As Mo Yan said, "A person's life is a process." There is no eternal life, there is no youth, when the time comes, the old old, the old walk. In the end, we are just passengers in this world. Both for passing guests, and why persistent, grateful to meet, cherish the possession, is enough." People in this life, ups and downs, there are many uncertain factors, a lot of things we can't control, a lot of feelings we can't retain, a lot of people we can't figure out, too tangled, upset, too much care, heart tired. "Zhuangzi" wrote: "If you know that it is impossible to do anything, and if you are safe, you will be virtuous." The wise man does not fight life, but tries to allow it to happen. Allow regret, stupidity, ugliness and hypocrisy. Allow giving without return. When you allow all this, you will gradually become an all-embracing person. Can accept all the imperfection, can understand all the not easy, do not care about gain and loss. The writer Su Qin once said, "One must see the world more." Travel, reading, anything that can make the heart richer, even if you force yourself to try more. Because people are narrow, tangled, and weak, all because they have seen too little of the world." The so-called seeing the world is to see the real life, through seeing the world, seeing sentient beings, so as to understand life, see themselves, and then know the depth of life. In the face of all kinds of life, we can be more rational, more calm and calm, see everything as light, and be easygoing, casual and carefree. The Buddha said: "All the Fa in the world is a sign of corruption and insecurity." Gain and loss with fate, the heart does not increase or decrease, lost again is to complete, and must not necessarily regret. The mind and body are not stagnant, that is, Prajna. Everything in the world, try, will no longer regret; Heart, will no longer regret. Life is short, we have to learn to be kind to ourselves on the way to getting old, confused and not serious, generous and not angry, all things look light, happy-go-lucky. That's it. That's good. What group? In whose group? Who do you fit in with? In the world of the ugly duckling, the swan is also guilty, there is no need to fit in, just be yourself. -- Schopenhauer

[Leisure and entertainment] Asan ·2023 Chinese farmers Harvest Festival notice coming, hurry up to collect!

Golden autumn harvest Li set yellow is another year of harvest corn golden, rice fragrance Asan ·2023 Chinese farmers harvest Festival came an autumn harvest feast is about to open Continue to look down to check this "Asan Harvest Festival Guide" it! Time: September 23, 2023 (Saturday) Theme: Harvest Promotion (I) Opening Ceremony and performance "Asan ·2023 Chinese Farmers Harvest Festival" Opening Ceremony: September 23, 13:00-13:15 Venue: Xiaojie Street Yongchang Community Performance Time: September 23, 13:15-14:00 Venue: Small street, Yongchang Community (2) Series of activities 1. Folk culture Show Flower drum dance, folk juggling, lion dance, dragon dance, etc. Time: 14:00-17:30 Venue: Yongchang Community, Wuzengqi Farm Daoxiang Garden 2, Bajie. Recreational and cultural activities for visitors, cadres and workers, such as tug-of-war in rice fields Time: 14:00-17:30 Location: Daoxiang Garden 3, Wuzengqi Farm, Bajie. Farm Experience Activities For visitors, cadres and staff, such as rice field fish, rice field duck and other activities Time: 14:00-17:30, September 23 Location: Bajie Wo Zengqi Farm Rice Garden 4. Agricultural special products Exhibition in the county of 8 towns (streets) agricultural products exhibition time: September 23 10:00-18:00 Location: Yongchang Community road 5. Beer Tasting Event Bajie Wo Zengqi Farm Rice Xiang Yuan Beer tasting Time: September 23, 14:00-22:00 Location: Bajie Wo Zengqi Farm Rice Xiang Yuan 6. Bajie Wuzengqi Farm Rice Fragrance Garden Barbecue Time: September 23, 14:00-22:00 Location: Bajie Wuzengqi Farm Rice Fragrance Garden (3) Rural food Experience Asan characteristic food Asan Traditional farm characteristics Farm dinner Time: September 23, 17:30-19:30 Location: Eight street Wo Rice Garden Garden complex (4) Fireworks display and bonfire entertainment ignition, jump big entertainment, fireworks barbecue night market and other activities Time: September 23 19:30-22:00 Location: Eight street Wo Zeng Qi farm rice garden Address: Yongchang community, eight street Wo Village on September 23, see you! Source: Ecological charm Esan ↓¤1 year 365 days, there are so many spicy festivals. Thank you for sharing the Chinese farmers Harvest Festival. ↓ What do you use to celebrate harvest?
The beautiful scenery on the road, listening to songs in the prairie is not the same mood. ↓¤Xinjiang is so far away, who is going? ↓¤Thank you for your attention! ↓ Mid-Autumn Festival National Day is coming, you can go out to travel, pay attention to travel safety ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ A lot of sheep, should be very delicious ↓ ↓ ↓ Passing ↓ Xinjiang is not far, just because Gansu is too long

[Qinzhou Culture] School handmade

When it comes to the Mid-Autumn Festival National Day, the children must be a pile of handmade to take home. The pain is parents these big friends old friends. Well, after taking it to school, the teacher praised: ouch, baby is great, handwork is really beautiful… Which eye did you see was baby? It's supposed to be baby daddy. The teacher clearly knows that the parents are cheating, the principal clearly knows that the teacher is cheating, and the above also knows the following situation… But everyone's just trying to make it look like peace and everyone's happy. Is it possible that children do not do lanterns now do not know what is called the Mid-Autumn Festival ┎○ Unexpectedly someone sent out, I also wanted to send before, but think about this social atmosphere is like that. The current school is too disgusting to arrange these manual and political tasks the most fucking disgusting, but also ask parents to download what anti-fraud software to watch what big, the country's affairs are related to our parents' eggs, the school education of children is necessary to make so many miscellaneous, is the principal's face to paste so much gold? Now that the leaders of education are all focused on messing around, why don't they have more control over pre-made food and accommodation. ┎ 〇 Most of us go to buy a road, ┎ 〇 probably the intention of the leadership is also good: training children's hands-on ability, enhance the children's understanding of the festival, a strong festival atmosphere, strengthen the children and parents' feelings. That sounds good, but who actually did it? Even some online shopping? A better than a fancy, do not do parents afraid of their children have no face. Therefore, a decision to go down, I hope the decision makers first want to think more disadvantages, the brain is hot to engage in the west! ┎ 〇 parents really tired ┎ 〇 Mid-Autumn Festival National Day, ┎ 〇 handwork is really beautiful ┎ 〇 aw, baby is great ┎ 〇 which baby ┎ 〇 she said children do handwork, that is not all parents to ┎ 〇 GP from the beginning of education, from the beginning to the end of ┎ 〇 GP these days to go to relatives, met several parents are doing lanterns handmade. Of course, my family is also, the children are just joining in. ┎○ There is no… ┎ 〇 children reading adults also want to follow everyone most of them are to a road to buy, ┎○ GP this year does not do, spent 20 yuan bought two children to take! ┎ 〇 There is no ┎ 〇 she unexpectedly sent out, I also wanted to send before but think about this social atmosphere is like that. The current school is too disgusting to arrange these manual and political tasks the most fucking disgusting, but also ask parents to download what anti-fraud software to watch what big, the country's affairs are related to our parents' eggs, the school education of children is necessary to make so many miscellaneous, is the principal's face to paste so much gold? Now that the leaders of education are all focused on messing around, why don't they have more control over pre-made food and accommodation. ┎○ GP. Yes. Now my child is not good at study, as long as the head teacher calls me, I am basically scolded. Learning is not good you don't teach well, tell me what the use, in the end who is the teacher. ┎○ Twenty yuan, not a cent. The school is trying to get in the mood to buy their own online. ┎ 〇 Prefabricated dishes dare to enter the campus, which put in, to his family 18 generations of meals to eat! ┎○ Principal put in, want him to record every day he and his children eat video to the parental supervision eat up! ┎○ gp. ┎○ gp ┎○ gp. Did your previous teacher teach you? How are you doing? Did you get into Tsinghua or Peking University? Reflect, is the teacher not teaching or you not learning? ┎○ How can children rely on their parents for poor study? What will parents tell me to send to your school? Or how about the teachers and the principal teach the parents? That child can blame parents for poor study? What will parents tell me to send to your school? Or how about the teachers and the principal teach the parents?

[Metro News] "Comrade policeman, my 3-year-old daughter is missing…"

Lingshan Public Security has always adhered to the people-centered, based on the responsibilities and missions of public security organs, guided by the people's livelihood, worked hard to solve the problem of "urgent difficulties and worries" of the masses, and constantly improved the sense of security and satisfaction of the masses. On September 24, 2023, a 3-year-old girl was lost due to fun, but fortunately, with the help of Lingshan public security police, the little girl was finally reunited with her family. "Comrade policeman, my 3-year-old daughter is lost…" At 15:00 on September 24, the Lingcheng Police station of the county Public Security Bureau received a police report from Ms. Ning that her 3-year-old daughter Yingying (a pseudonym) was lost in the county underground mall. After receiving the report, police Wang Qiang and colleagues immediately rushed to the scene. After arriving at the scene, Wang Qiang and others obtained the child's photos and clothing characteristics, and then carefully searched in the mall, while calling the mall and the surrounding surveillance video to find. After half an hour of unremitting efforts, the police finally found the lost little girl in a candy store in the underground mall. Then, when Ms. Ning came to see her daughter safe and sound, she was so excited that she burst into tears and kept thanking the police. After understanding, that day, Ms Ning with Yingying to the mall shopping, fun Yingying running around, and finally separated from her mother. Before leaving, the police reminded Ms. Ning in the future must pay attention to take care of the child, to avoid accidents happen again. Source: Lingshan police ┎ 〇 why would she get lost? ┎ 〇 GP or optimistic about their children ┎ 〇 how is it? ┎ 〇 GP with two children, it is estimated that one did not see another ┎ 〇 GP optimistic about children Oh reporter from Nanning rail transit Group learned that in order to meet the needs of public passengers on holidays travel, Nanning Metro will extend the operation and service hours of the entire subway network during the Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day holidays. The specific arrangements are as follows: On September 28 and 29, 2023 (working days before the Mid-Autumn Festival and the day of the Mid-Autumn Festival) and October 1 and 6 (National Day and the last day of the holiday), the operation time of the entire subway network will be extended by 1 hour, and the operation time will be adjusted from 6:30-23:00 to 6:30-24:00. The interval between 23:00 and 24:00 is 10 minutes. Here, it is also reminded that passengers should make route planning before traveling on holidays. Stations near tourist attractions, transportation hubs, and major business areas have large passenger flow. In case of queuing or passenger flow control, please wait patiently and follow the guidance of staff. In order to effectively save the time of queuing for tickets, you can use the prepaid card or mobile APP to pay for the ride. If you need help, you can contact the station staff directly. ┎.through ┐ change what kind of do ┎.through ┐ is look not to understand, a. ┐ ┎ don't know what will happen? A. a. ┐ ┐ depends on ┎ ┎ was delayed for an hour, a. ┐ ┎ unclear from work

[Urban construction] Notice of sudden water outage in Qinzhou City on September 28, 2023

Sudden water outage Notice Dear users: Due to the emergency repair of the water supply pipeline of Jinwan East Street, Jinwan East Street (Anzhou Avenue to Yangfan Avenue), Anzhou Avenue extension line along the units and users are cut off. Water cut-off time: 09:30-17:00, September 28, 2023 (postponed in case of weather). We apologize for the inconvenience. To ensure safety, please turn off taps and water facilities in your home during this period to avoid waste or damage to household property when normal water supply is restored. For enquiries, please call the Water Service Hotline at 3696332. Qinzhou Kaitou Water Co., LTD. September 28, 2023 ┎○ Eruption again; ┎ 〇 Qinzhou's water pipe burst too easily ┎ 〇 there is ┎ 〇 gp. When did I start ┎ 〇 〇 GP reply is a virtue
What jobs or small businesses do you have in Qinzhou city? Please introduce or recommend, I sooner or later to pick up children to school, male 38 years old is not afraid of hardship, I sent a few years of takeout, put a few years of stalls, repaired mobile phones, repaired car tires a year will open the trailer, did the media for three years, did a motorcycle driver two years, into a Fu Kang factory and other factories, before are in Guangzhou Shenzhen, In Qinzhou port icon also now want to find something to do, do so much work is not afraid of you laugh oh, life must continue ah! Back to Qinzhou fourth-line city suddenly a little mystery busy can not find the direction, for your help or guidance, thank you very much ┎○ After the festival to find, you what job introduction is not? ┎.through ┐ unclear oh, a. ┐ ┎ house view is ok, a. ┐ ┎ ┎ business difficult to do now, a. ┐ ┎ ┐ can put stall in the original poster can do what snacks for bring snacks, a. ┐ ┎ ┎ ┐ ok oh, took home the balcony ┎.through ┐ what to sell! ┎ 〇 What business does the main house now e┎ 〇 GP reply is a virtue ┎ 〇 I do not tell you. Businesses that can make money are not willing to share. Afraid of peers stealing business. In addition to work or to explore their own stall to do small business in Qinzhou is the hair salon for a long ┎○ GP cut hair someone to rob business ┎○ GP a little reason brother ┎○ GP open drugstore ah, do not have to look at their own shop also do not use technology, the closure rate is low ┎○ profitable business will tell you? ┎ 〇 GP to work, the grade is almost like you, I also want to find a job ┎ 〇 GP together oh ┎ 〇 GP is also a good person ┎ 〇 GP funds are not big ┎ 〇 GP at home good love and hate to make up the knowledge of primary school, and then secretly help pupils make up lessons. ┎○ GP, ha ha ┎○ GP sold breakfast after the festival to find, you what job introduction? ┎○ There is no!

Shanghai exhibition, with a good record of their memories

Shanghai is a city full of cultures and traditions. The Shanghai exhibition is a special feature of the city and a place that perfectly combines urban culture with modern trends. If you want to record your own unique memories of the city's exhibitions, then you've come to the right place. In this article, we will share some information about the Shanghai exhibition and how best to record these memories.

First, in order to better record these memories, we need to know a little about the history of the Shanghai exhibition. Shanghai has a very rich cultural heritage and historical precipitation, and the Shanghai exhibition is a continuation of this historical precipitation. Since the first Shanghai Exhibition was held, it has become a window to show the characteristics and charm of Shanghai. Today, thousands of tourists and exhibitors come to visit and participate in events every year to better understand the culture and development of the city of Shanghai.

Secondly, in order to better record these memories, we need to pay attention to some details when visiting the exhibition. Not only to watch, listen, and think, but also to record these feelings in a way that you like. For example, you can take some photos, make a video, write down your feelings, or simply draw a few beautiful sketches. In this process, we can not only better understand and learn the cultural connotation behind each exhibit, but also create our own recording methods and styles.

Finally, in order to better share these memories, we need to share these records with more people. Share them with friends and family, or post them on social media. Sharing these recording activities can let more people know the history and culture of Shanghai, and also let more people participate in this process to feel these beautiful moments together.

In short, Shanghai Exhibition is a place that integrates urban culture, historical inheritance and modern development, and a place to record one's growth and feel the changes of the city. No matter how you record these memories, it is very valuable. I hope this article can bring you some inspiration or reference when documenting the Shanghai exhibition.