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[Play diary] Blue and White Street walk encounter bear fun house

Today, I went to the blue and White Street, and found that there was a new doll grab opposite the African drum, called Bear Fun House, I feel that the name is still more fate with me, I went in and walked a circle the boss said that their dolls are very easy to catch, I think it is not good to catch, the boss directly said that 20 yuan can catch two or so, can not catch up directly send you one, I reported the mentality to try to buy 30 yuan coins, the results caught 4 big, a small, my heart, what the devil, and so easy to catch the doll shop, the key doll is also very cute, the boss said you see, with you say catch, can also save the doll exchange gifts, I looked at a few fine pieces, will decisively save, hope to catch him twice and take him home, Today is really full of harvest, the mood is good ↓¤You say you are not the boss of drag I do not believe ↓¤passing ↓¤Opening ceremony ↓¤…… ↓¤Possibly, you are the propagandist of the store. It may also be the boss of the shop, doing conscience business, because a lot of catching the doll machine is good, the claw is very loose, it is difficult to catch up. ↓ ↓ ↓¤I have been, is true ↓¤The boss said 20 dollars can be out of 2 or so, 1 guarantee, if not caught, the boss can give you a choice to take away, as long as he is not empty handed, I like to catch, So I stayed for a while to see the boss say so to people, I said, otherwise dare not say. ↓¤This AD plays a good ↓¤eh, forget it, this year found happy things, share sharing, it is too difficult! Like to grab dolls, have been to know I said is not true! ↓¤Not to support is not important, if he said is true, then you go to other homes to spend the same money, nothing caught, in his home can catch, that at least is worthy of the stupid criticism and love to play heart is not it? ↓¤Help, hold a field ↓¤will do business, can make money ↓¤Oh yo yo ↓¤↓¤Buy toys in the name of catching dolls, there will definitely be repeat customers! In some places, you can't catch dozens of dollars, and everyone thinks that it is a fraud, and the people who go to catch will slowly decrease. Their home really super conscience, the quality of the doll is good, like to catch can believe me once, either fooled, or addicted, I want to catch this afternoon, good luck today to catch 30, the next catch 30 is estimated to be able to exchange my sitting model Mickey, there is a Sun Wukong and astronauts are I like, but no money, can only save a few days to catch once. ↓¤

[Leisure and entertainment] Asan ·2023 Chinese farmers Harvest Festival notice coming, hurry up to collect!

Golden autumn harvest Li set yellow is another year of harvest corn golden, rice fragrance Asan ·2023 Chinese farmers harvest Festival came an autumn harvest feast is about to open Continue to look down to check this "Asan Harvest Festival Guide" it! Time: September 23, 2023 (Saturday) Theme: Harvest Promotion (I) Opening Ceremony and performance "Asan ·2023 Chinese Farmers Harvest Festival" Opening Ceremony: September 23, 13:00-13:15 Venue: Xiaojie Street Yongchang Community Performance Time: September 23, 13:15-14:00 Venue: Small street, Yongchang Community (2) Series of activities 1. Folk culture Show Flower drum dance, folk juggling, lion dance, dragon dance, etc. Time: 14:00-17:30 Venue: Yongchang Community, Wuzengqi Farm Daoxiang Garden 2, Bajie. Recreational and cultural activities for visitors, cadres and workers, such as tug-of-war in rice fields Time: 14:00-17:30 Location: Daoxiang Garden 3, Wuzengqi Farm, Bajie. Farm Experience Activities For visitors, cadres and staff, such as rice field fish, rice field duck and other activities Time: 14:00-17:30, September 23 Location: Bajie Wo Zengqi Farm Rice Garden 4. Agricultural special products Exhibition in the county of 8 towns (streets) agricultural products exhibition time: September 23 10:00-18:00 Location: Yongchang Community road 5. Beer Tasting Event Bajie Wo Zengqi Farm Rice Xiang Yuan Beer tasting Time: September 23, 14:00-22:00 Location: Bajie Wo Zengqi Farm Rice Xiang Yuan 6. Bajie Wuzengqi Farm Rice Fragrance Garden Barbecue Time: September 23, 14:00-22:00 Location: Bajie Wuzengqi Farm Rice Fragrance Garden (3) Rural food Experience Asan characteristic food Asan Traditional farm characteristics Farm dinner Time: September 23, 17:30-19:30 Location: Eight street Wo Rice Garden Garden complex (4) Fireworks display and bonfire entertainment ignition, jump big entertainment, fireworks barbecue night market and other activities Time: September 23 19:30-22:00 Location: Eight street Wo Zeng Qi farm rice garden Address: Yongchang community, eight street Wo Village on September 23, see you! Source: Ecological charm Esan ↓¤1 year 365 days, there are so many spicy festivals. Thank you for sharing the Chinese farmers Harvest Festival. ↓ What do you use to celebrate harvest?
The beautiful scenery on the road, listening to songs in the prairie is not the same mood. ↓¤Xinjiang is so far away, who is going? ↓¤Thank you for your attention! ↓ Mid-Autumn Festival National Day is coming, you can go out to travel, pay attention to travel safety ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ A lot of sheep, should be very delicious ↓ ↓ ↓ Passing ↓ Xinjiang is not far, just because Gansu is too long

[City news] Mid-Autumn Festival to send warmth, for the elderly alone to prop up the fire safety "umbrella"!

Autumn is coming, the sky is dry, the risk of fire hazards is increasing, and the old people living alone have insufficient fire safety awareness and action power, which is the key group of education. Approaching the Mid-Autumn Festival, members of the Xiaodong Town government full-time fire brigade came to the town's Wubao village to visit elderly people living alone, help the elderly to check the safety risks at home, and bring holiday fire safety services for the elderly. On the day of the fire activity, the courtyard of Wubao Village in Xiaodong Town was more popular than usual, the old people sat in rows on stools, and the team sat in the middle of the old people, asking the old people in detail about their living conditions and their mastery of fire safety knowledge. At the same time, also for the elderly people to explain the use of fire extinguishers. The team members also took out fire knowledge leaflets, word for word to explain to the old people, for the family common fire safety hazards, fire safety education for the old people, so that the old people to improve safety awareness, away from fire hazards. The friendly local voice in the ear, one exhortation said to the heart of the old people. 2 Check hidden dangers and send peace of mind to the elderly's residence, simple furniture contains many fire safety hazards, ashtrays are placed on the furniture near the window, and a row of inserts is placed under the messy coffee table. In response to the hidden problems found, the firefighters carefully reminded the elderly not to smoke in bed, cigarette butts can not be thrown away, and the cigarette butts of the ashtray should be cleaned in time to leave no fire. In addition, the firefighters also started to help eliminate fire hazards, tidy up the debris in the elderly room, and re-arrange the wiring to prevent the occurrence of short circuit fire of the electrical line, igniting the surrounding debris. In the kitchen, the firemen found that the old people had piled firewood next to the stove for a fire. "This firewood is too close to the stove, if the sparks fly, it will soon light this firewood, very dangerous!" With that, the fireman immediately squatted down and cleared the firewood to the side, and told the old man to find another room to store the firewood, and then take it to the kitchen when needed to prevent a fire. 3 physical practice, guard the safety of the players before leaving the old people waved and said: "Fruit to eat often, do not put bad, we will accompany you after a while to chat, talk about fire safety knowledge." In the past, there was no full-time fire brigade in the town, and it may be a long time to come again, because the city's 1034 administrative villages (communities), the publicity power of the county fire rescue brigade is not enough to cover all, but now the full-time fire brigade is only a few kilometers away from Wubao Village, and the team members will visit the old people every once in a while, within the scope of their ability, Fire safety is provided for the elderly. In the next step, the detachment will continue to carry out "door-to-door" publicity activities in towns and villages, focusing on vulnerable groups, publicizing fire safety knowledge face to face, helping them investigate hidden dangers at home, improving the fire safety quality of vulnerable groups, and creating a good fire safety environment. Source: Qinzhou fire ┎ 〇 GP is a virtue ┎ 〇 GP good thing. ┎ 〇 There is no ignoring ┎ 〇 gp. ┎ 〇 GP
┎ 〇 〇 Mid-Autumn Festival and gifts, Qixi and gifts, this endless no money ah ┎ 〇 GP send 10 mosquitoes 3 moon cakes ┎ 〇 GP send fart,, ┎ 〇 GP ┎ 〇 GP at every move to send things, do not know we have no money this year ┎ 〇 GP too poor, for the rich woman to send me ┎ 〇 GP first of all you have a girlfriend ┎ 〇 GP send bribe?

[I want to break the news] Get on the highway early! Liuqin high-speed car less, do not understand Liunan road block

See one or two cars, sure afternoon car oh, 11:30 to six scenes, to Liuzhou direction do not know whether to block ┎ 〇 GP now go up, in the free period on the line ┎ 〇 GP six Qin feel did not see the car more than, but from Kumquat on the highway through the Lihe River that road is not good to go. ┎ 〇 〇 GP is too expensive so less car ┎ 〇 GP Many people want to wait for tonight after 12 o 'clock ┎ 〇 GP to see their own map, they know ┎ 〇 GP holiday is blocked
Lingshan Public Security faithfully implements the original mission of the people's public security for the people, constantly meets the people's yearning for a better life, and strives to make the people's sense of gain, happiness, and security more fulfilling, more secure, and more sustainable. On September 25, 2023, Lingshan Public Security police rescued a lost elderly man in his 70s in time and returned him safely to his home. At 14:00 on September 25, the Sanhai Police Station of the County Public Security Bureau received a public alarm that an elderly man of about seventy years old was sitting on the side of the road in Zimu Village Committee of Sanhai Street, possibly lost. After receiving the report, police Li Hongcheng and colleagues immediately rushed to the scene. After arriving at the scene, through patient communication with the old man, Li Hongcheng found that the old man could not tell his name and other information. In the communication, careful Li Hongcheng found that the old man's clothes were loaded with a card with identity information. Subsequently, Li Hongcheng made contact with the staff of the nursing home where the old man was based on the information he had obtained through work. Subsequently, the police will safely escort the elderly nursing home. Seeing that the old man was safely returned, the nursing staff expressed heartfelt thanks to the police. It is understood that the old man is nearly 70 years old, recuperating in a nursing home in Sanhai Street, and going out to do things carelessly lost the way that day, the staff of the nursing home looked for many failed. Before leaving, the police remind the nursing staff, the elderly poor recognition, must be more care and care, try to avoid going out alone, it is best to let the elderly carry mobile phones, or let the elderly remember or carry the communication number of the family, if the elderly lost, to timely alarm for help. Source: Lingshan police ┎ 〇 GP met a good person ┎ 〇 GP good thing oh ┎ 〇 GP hope there is nothing ┎ 〇 〇 GP is a virtue ┎ 〇 action is not convenient don't come out

Haihong Road west extension land expropriation is coming, open soon

To Xinwu Street can relieve the pressure {▲} Zhangdou Zhangdou {▲} Well, the land needs to be expropriate, and the formalities are a problem {▲} Bailu South Road to Huayuan Road, Xiao澞 Road south extension, Baima Jing Road south extension, is good for Guangzhou city and Zhangpu, if these three roads are all south extension, I am willing to donate 200 yuan for the project construction {▲} Baima Jing Road south extension, How can the small 澞 river road south extension, Bai Lu Road and Baijing road south extension enough {▲} ZhangPu development is limited by the bridge across Wusong River ah! Is {▲} started? {▲} opened? I went to I also rewarded 5 copper motherlay, really helpless ah {▲} he stopped the place is not a parking space, and the owner of the car ???? Generally are private pull, do not have an accident is happy, no one wants to destroy the neighborhood, once the accident is finished, light the house was burned depreciation, heavy casualties. The security problem is OK, mainly blocking the road ah, which makes others in and out of trouble {▲} Village committee will write the application, stamp effective, do not write the application is private wire. {▲} This electric box, is not rain proof, ah, how do it rain? {▲} Flying line pulling tow line plate is certainly not possible but guanfang can. {▲} Your this is not what, our community charging head directly placed on the outdoor gas pipeline {▲} This waterproof? Call 119. This must have been installed by an individual. {▲} Sparks, passion for the charging pile of new energy vehicles can be so installed? Isn't it safe to install it directly outside the corridor? Does the Rongyuan Property and Power Supply Bureau allow such a charging box to be installed? {▲} must be able to otherwise how it is on this side, does not comply with the law do not know {▲} The world is not strange {▲} mainly not installed in the parking space, you can park in front of it, hurt each other ah {▲} slow charge. Residential electricity that {▲} demolition community and the old community are so do {▲} The community is installed in their own garage door {▲} The old community on this problem, their home pull a 220V, slow charge slowly charge it is {▲} This is too single, the road blocked charging, a mess ah {▲} demolition community, as long as the village stamp agreed, is the default. I want to contract to get a parking lot charge + sell breakfast, do not know which yamen can find application? Guangzhou Development Zone Planning and Construction Bureau on track S1 line road restoration and comprehensive renovation project - Kunjia Road station east square land and its ancillary facilities site announcement {▲} Development zone is best not to do, the old guys are difficult! {▲} Urgent need for P+R parking, non-motor parking. {▲}{▲} eat melons passing by {▲}{▲} specific to build a what? Do not understand {▲} build a large children's playground {▲} found in the upgrade, a bit like the city invested {▲}S1 line is what? A new one?

Night Shanghai: Gems and nightlife guide inside the Shanghai Back Garden Forum

As night falls, Shanghai, an international metropolis, takes on a different charm. At night in this city, there is a mysterious and unique place, that is Shanghai Back Garden Forum Night Shanghai. This forum not only provides a platform for people to communicate and interact, but also brings endless exploration about nightlife.

  1. Origin of the Night Shanghai Forum

Night Shanghai was founded in 2005 under the name of "Night Shanghai" to share and promote the city's unique features and nightlife resources. The forum was created by a group of independent authors who are passionate about Shanghai nightlife and has evolved into a must-have guide for Shanghai nightlife lovers.

  1. Features of Night Shanghai Forum

Night Shanghai Forum, as a leader in the field of Shanghai nightlife, has rich content and unique characteristics. It not only provides detailed introduction and reviews of various nightclubs, bars, restaurants and other places, but also includes recommendations of fashion events, music festivals, exhibitions and other wonderful evening activities. Whether you are a local resident of Shanghai or a short-term tourist, you can find a nightlife destination of interest through the Night Shanghai Forum.

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Night Shanghai Forum has a lot to offer readers a unique nightlife experience. From the professional perspective of the industry, the forum summarizes the information of Shanghai nightclubs and bars, providing readers with comprehensive and accurate information. Want to check out the latest and hottest nightclubs? Want to taste the most authentic specialty food? At night Shanghai Forum, you will not be disappointed. Users on the forum actively share their experiences, providing valuable references and suggestions for other nightlife lovers.

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In addition to the introduction of nightclubs, bars and other places, the Night Shanghai Forum also regularly recommends some night activities with special significance. For example, the annual Shanghai International Art Festival, Fashion Week, music Festival and so on are the activities that Shanghai Night Shanghai Forum is keen to recommend. Through the guide of the Night Shanghai Forum, you can easily learn about these wonderful activities and truly feel the unique charm of Shanghai.

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Night Shanghai Forum does not sleep at night, for the majority of nightlife lovers to bring rich content and endless exploration. Whether you're looking for a specialty restaurant or considering getting involved in the local music culture, the Night Shanghai Forum will provide you with extraordinary guidance and inspiration. Come to Night Shanghai Forum, start your night adventure!